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Burning Force
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Namco
Original system(s): Namco System II
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
¥5,800 T-14023
Sega Mega Drive
$? T-14026
Sega Mega Drive
£34.99[1] 1029
Sega Mega Drive
?F 1029
Sega Mega Drive
DM ? 1029
Sega Mega Drive
?Ptas 1029
Sega Mega Drive
R$? ?

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Burning Force (バーニングフォース) is a 1989 shoot-'em-up by Namco originally released in the arcades in Japan before seeing a Sega Mega Drive port released internationally the same year. You play as Hiromi Tengenji, a graduate of Earth University, (an ensign in the United Galaxy Space Force, UGSF, in the Japanese version) who must pass a six-day final examination of fighting enemies over water to become a Space Fighter Pilot. She pilots a futuristic hover bike which can transform into a small fighter craft.


The game takes a Space Harrier perspective but is much more limited in terms of control. Each day is divided into four areas. Areas 1 and 2 are normal shooting areas where you are on a waterbike on which you may only move left or right. Holding Up speeds up, holding Down slows down, letting go goes back to normal speed. A shoots your normal weapon, which may be upgraded as in a typical shoot-'em-up. B shoots missiles which you have a limited supply of.

Area 3 is a boss area which substitutes the waterbike for a ship that has the same controls, but can fly around the screen a la Space Harrier (so use Up/Down to move around instead of changing speed). The cutscene that transitions you from the waterbike to the ship shows you the boss's weak points. Area 4 is a bonus round in the ship where the goal is to collect as many points/powerups as possible.

Production credits

  • Game Program: Ogawann
  • Sub Program: Kobakun
  • Sound Program: Kwaeru
  • Story by: Makotomas
  • Charactor Designers: Kuma, 7852
  • Sound Designers: Noririn
  • Constructive Manager: Koh
  • Total Coordinate: Gen
  • Special Thanks: Big Gan, Kero, Udauda
  • Directed by: Makotomas

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

FinalBlaster PCE BurningForce MD JP PrintAdvert.jpg

JP print advert

BurningForce MD US Flyer.pdf

US flyer

GamePro US 018.pdf

Print advert in GamePro (US) #18: "January 1991" (199x-xx-xx)

Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
69 [3]
75 [4]
68 [5]
59 [6]
76 [7]
63 №114, [1]
50 №1990-20_21, p17
75 №8, p72
71 [8]
71 №11, p119
38 №5, p90
41 №17, p65
76 [9]
62 [10]
77 [11]
60 [12]
40 №27, p36/37
28 №18, p64
Sega Mega Drive
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18 reviews

Mega Drive, US
BurningForce MD US Box.jpg
BurningForce MD US Cart.jpg
Burningforce md us manual.pdf
Mega Drive, EU
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BurningForce MD EU Cart.jpg
Mega Drive, JP
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BurningForce MD JP Cart.jpg
Burningforce md jp manual.pdf
Mega Drive, BR
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BurningForce MD BR Cart.jpg
Mega Drive, SE (rental)
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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Mega Drive
CRC32 bdc8f02c
MD5 da536d20ac0f0e3a62d9709078690032
SHA-1 28fcb1c9b5c72255443ab5bb950a52030baaf409
512kB 1990-10 Cartridge (US)
Sega Mega Drive
CRC32 776ff6ff
MD5 623b2c54f05869ffb3aac936f4a4182a
SHA-1 a25930ee55a2d88838e3999fb5939d9392fd0efa
512kB 1990-10 Cartridge (EU)
Sega Mega Drive
CRC32 0c1deb47
MD5 62e665f85281a33fb17cecd27674684a
SHA-1 8849253262f545fbaf6140bfa5ca67a3caac9a80
512kB 1990-10 Cartridge (JP)


Burning Force
BurningForce MDTitleScreen.png

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