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Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition
System(s): Sega Saturn
Peripherals supported: 3D Control Pad, Arcade Racer Joystick
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
$49.99[1] 81213
Sega Saturn
$? 81218
Sega Saturn
£49.99More...[3] MK81213-50
Sega Saturn
?F MK81213-50
Sega Saturn
DM ? MK81213-50
Sega Saturn
?Ptas MK81213-50
Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn
$? ?
Sega Saturn
R$? 193596
Sega Saturn
₩? GS-9614J

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Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition is an update to the Sega Saturn version of Daytona USA, being offered as an alternative to the original Saturn from 1996. It was handled primarily by Sega CS, who had previously been responsible for the Saturn version of Sega Rally Championship.


Daytona USA: CCE exists due to dissatisfaction with the original release of Daytona USA for the Saturn, a game said to have been rushed to market in order to meet the console's launch date. Daytona USA on the Sega Saturn was plagued with draw distance and framerate problems (averaging about twenty frame per second, as opposed to the arcade version's sixty), and looked comparatively worse than the PlayStation port of Ridge Racer, released around the same time. This might not have been a problem had it not been for the fact the arcade Ridge Racer is less impressive on a technical level than the arcade Daytona USA.

To compensate, CCE brings a number of additions and changes to the table, utilising the Saturn's hardware more effectively than its predecessor. Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition includes a steady framerate of 30FPS, a new selection of cars, two new courses, a two player mode and a new remixed soundtrack composed by Richard Jacques and Jun Senoue. The PAL region version is also notable for making use of the full PAL resolution, rather than resorting to black borders like many other games of the time.

Like the original, the game is also compatible with the Arcade Racer Joystick, and this time 3D Control Pad support was intentional. It is also compatible with the Virtua Stick, however, unlike with the first version, it will not work with the Mission Stick.

AM3 decided to improve the physics of Daytona USA: CCE, creating something more akin to their previous port of Sega Rally Championship (e.g. the car won't flip if it crashes head first into a wall anymore). The majority of bizarre features from the original version carry through, such as the ability to unlock a horse. Holding Up and R at the "gentlemen start your engines" screen will allow the player to play as a hovercraft.


It also includes several new types of stock car, some of which could be seen in the arcade version of Daytona USA but were not playable. Every car is slightly different in design when compared to their arcade counterparts - the Hornet for example has a thinner blue stripe across the top. They also all have varying grip, acceleration and handling statistics.

Notavailable.svg Hornet (19)
Grip: ■■■□□
Acceleration: ■■■□□
Max Speed: ■■□□□
Notavailable.svg Gallop (27)
Grip: ■■■□□
Acceleration: ■■■□□
Max Speed: ■■□□□
Notavailable.svg Max (2)
Grip: ■■■■■
Acceleration: ■■■■■
Max Speed: ■□□□□
Notavailable.svg Pheonix (8)
Grip: ■□□□□
Acceleration: ■■■■■
Max Speed: ■■■■■
Notavailable.svg Oriole (16)
Grip: ■■□□□
Acceleration: ■■■■□
Max Speed: ■■■■□
Notavailable.svg Magic (33)
Grip: ■■■□□
Acceleration: ■■□□□
Max Speed: ■■■□□
Notavailable.svg Wolf (41)
Grip: ■■■■□
Acceleration: ■■■■■
Max Speed: ■□□□□
Notavailable.svg Balance (99)
Grip: ■■■■■
Acceleration: ■□□□□
Max Speed: ■■■■□
Notavailable.svg "Horse"
Notavailable.svg "Hovercraft"

This breaks the Daytona USA tradition which always gives the first car (usually the Hornet) the number 41.


Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition adds two new tracks to the standard three:

Notavailable.svg National Park Speedway
Notavailable.svg Desert City



There was a separate release of the game in North America, made to be compatible with the Sega NetLink adapter called Daytona USA: CCE Netlink Edition. This version of the game was only made available via Sega's online store, and aside from some extra NetLink instruction manuals/leaflets, is mostly indistinguishable from its non-NetLink counterpart. This version of the game is widely believed to be the rarest North American Sega Saturn game, with the latest eBay sighting reaching $1100. The game like all other netlink games can now be played over a high speed internet connection with Voip[5]

Daytona USA: CCE was not released in Japan. Instead, AM3 continued to work on the project, releasing Daytona USA Circuit Edition to a Japanese audience in early 1997. Circuit Edition is much the same game as Champion Circuit Edition though makes minor improvements in areas such as draw distance, as well as offering more gameplay and music options.

Production credits

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Source: US manualMedia:Daytonausacce sat us manual.pdf[6]

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Saturn, US
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Saturn, US (NetLink Edition)

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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
525,834,288 CD-ROM(EU) MK81213-50 V1.006
Sega Saturn
525,373,296 CD-ROM(US) 81213 V1.001
Sega Saturn
545,965,056 CD-ROM(US) 81218 V1.000


Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition
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