Game Gear third-party miscellaneous accessories

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AC adaptors

Box Name Brand Date & Price Images Documentation
AC/DC Adaptor Nuby (1993)

Car adaptors

Box Name Brand Date & Price Images Documentation
Auto Adapter Doc's Hi Tech Game Products (>=1990)

Auto Link Gamester (>=1990)

CompactCarAdaptor GG Box Back.jpgNospine.pngCompactCarAdaptor GG Box Front.jpg
Compact Car Adaptor InterAct (1996)

HandyCarPlug GG CA Box Front.jpg
Handy Car Plug InterAct (>=1990)
HandyCarPlug GG.jpg

Handy Car Plug InterAct (>=1990)

Handy Car Plug Joy Plus (>=1990)

Car Adaptor Logic 3 (1991)

Universal Car Adapter Mad Catz (>=1990)

Universal Car Adapter Mad Catz (>=1995)

Car Power Naki (>=1990)

HandyPlugPlus GG Box Front.jpg
Handy Plug Plus Performance (>=1998)

Game Gear Car Power Vidis (>=1990)

AutoAdapter GG DE Box Front.jpg
Auto-Adapter ?? (>=1990)

Cleaning kits

Box Name Brand Date & Price Images Documentation
Portable Game & System Cleaning Kit High Frequency (>=1990)

Eliminator Naki (>=1990)

Cleaning Kit Player's Edge (>=1990)

Cleaning Kit for Sega Game Gear Recoton (>=1990)


Box Name Brand Date & Price Images Documentation
ActionPack GG Box Front.jpg
Action Pack Gamester (>=1990)

SuperAction GG Box Front.jpg
Super Action Gamester (>=1990)

MasterPak GG Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngMasterPak GG Box Front.jpg
Master Pak Naki (>=1990)

AccessoryGiftPack GG Box Front.jpg
Accessory Gift Pack ?? (>=1990)



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