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Not to be confused with Gremlin Graphics.
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Fast facts on Sega Electronics
Founded: 1973
Defunct: 1984
Merged into: Sega (1979)
Headquarters: San Diego, California, USA

Gremlin Industries was an American arcade game developer and manufacturer who manufactured wall games in the early 1970s before switching to video games starting 1976. In 1979, they were purchased by Sega, and started releasing games with joint branding, first as Gremlin/Sega, then as Sega/Gremlin.

December 1981 saw Sega's US arm moved from Gulf+Western's manufacturing division into the hands of subsiduary Paramount Pictures, and in to, Sega/Gremlin changed their name to Sega Electronics in 1982[1]. Around which time they also started producing games for home systems, attempting to bring Paramount brands to home consoles (Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator and Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom being the two surviving examples, though many more were planned).

Thanks in part to the North American video game crash, Sega Electronics was shut down in early 1984 and its manufacturing assets transferred to Paramount Studios.


Discrete Logic

Blockade hardware

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VIC Dual


Zaxxon hardware

Apple II

Atari 2600

Atari 5200

Atari 8-bit

Commodore 64



Arcade games distributed by Gremlin


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