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Pole To Win Co., Ltd. (ポールトゥウィン株式会社), also known as PTW[2], is a Japanese video game testing, localization, and quality assurance company.[3]


Founded in 1994, Pole To Win has experienced a notable amount of success in its respective industries, and has since opened an additional 18 branches[1] and 35 studios[3]; the company provides quality assurance services in the countries of China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Japan, the United States of America, Canada, Scotland, England, and Romania.[1] Across its entire portfolio, Pole To Win conducts business in 40 different languages.[3]

Pole To Win Korea

Main article: Pole To Win Korea.

Pole To Win Korea Co., Ltd. is a Seoul-based subsidiary of Pole To Win.[1]

Pole To Win Singapore

Main article: Pole To Win Singapore.

Pole To Win Singapore Pte., Ltd. is a Singapore-based subsidiary of Pole To Win.[1]




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