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Sega Sound Treasurebox

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As the final entry in the Sega Ages 2500 series, a special jukebox has been included with this collection. It can be accessed by pressing HOLD Right START  on the title screen, adding the "SEGA SOUND TREASUREBOX" option on the main menu. When accessing the Treasurebox, the collection will check the Memory Card in Slot A for any system files from the supported games listed below. If it finds any, the games included in the collections will be added to the playlist, allowing the user to listen to their music. It is recommended that the user saves their system file after unlocking the Treasurebox so the button combination won't be required for future uses.

Note: Individual tracks from the System 16 version of Fantasy Zone II must be heard in-game for them to appear in the Treasurebox.

Supported games

Unused content

Hidden games

The game disc contains a number of additional games in its directories, probably left over from previous Sega Ages 2500 releases, all of which are not accessible through the menus[1]. Those 30 games are:


Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 33: Fantasy Zone Complete Collection

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Music: Fantasy Zone Ultra Super Big Maximum Great Strong Complete Album (2008)

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