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Sega Saturn consoles released in Asian countries (other than Japan and South Korea) are normal Japanese units, with different boxing only, and a 220v power supply. These units all have their model numbers end in -07. Not much to say about these, their boxes and manuals were in English instead of Japanese. They are a nice option if you live in PAL land but want a 60hz machine without modding, as their 220v power supply makes voltage converters unnecessary. They had counterparts for almost every Japanese boxed release. Known motherboards are VA0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 13, and 15. The last few units came with Video CD cards preinstalled, and had a red "Video CD" label on the console and the boxing had unique yellow colors instead of white.

Box Name Date & Price Console Label Hardware Software Documentation
Sega Saturn (>= 1994)
SegaSaturn HST-0001.jpg

Saturn VF Remix Asia Console Box Front.jpg
Sega Saturn - 1,000,000th Campaign Box (>= 1994)
SegaSaturn HST-0001.jpg

Saturn AS Box Side NTSC.jpg
Saturn AS Box Front NTSC.jpgSaturn AS Box Side2 NTSC.jpg
Sega Saturn (>= 1994)
SegaSaturn HST-0001.jpg

Saturn AS Box Side NTSC White.jpg
Saturn AS Box Front NTSC White.jpgSaturn AS Box Side2 NTSC White.jpg
Sega Saturn (>= 1996)
Sega saturn white 2.jpg

Saturn HK Box Front.jpg
Sega Saturn (>= 1997)
Sega saturn white 2.jpg

Saturn TH Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngSaturn TH Box Front.jpg
Sega Saturn (>= 1997)
Sega saturn white 2.jpg

Saturn AS Box Back VCD.jpgSaturn AS Box Front VCD.jpg
Sega Saturn Video CD 1998
Saturn AS VCD.jpg

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