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RoboAleste title.png
Robo Aleste
System(s): Sega Mega-CD
Compile (JP), Tengen (US), Sega (EU)
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega-CD
¥6,800 T-66014
Sega Mega-CD
$49.95[1] T-48015
Sega Mega-CD
£? 4416
Sega Mega-CD
?F 4416
Sega Mega-CD
DM 119,95[5] 4416
Sega Mega-CD
?Ptas 4416

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Robo Aleste, known as Dennin-Aleste (電忍アレスタ) or Dennin Aleste: Nobunaga and his Ninja Force in Japan, is a vertical scrolling shoot-'em-up developed by Compile exclusively for the Sega Mega-CD. It is part of the Aleste series of games, and the only one to use the Aleste name in all regions.


You control the flying robot with the directional keys. It comes with two fixed options in front of it. These absorb enemy bullets and cause damage on contact. Holding A fires the options away, B is for shooting and C for changing movement speed. The standard shot can be powered up by collecting small powerup pellets. There are also 4 extra weapons. Blue is a piercing laser, green fires shurikens, brown is for bombs and and yellow gives the two options limited homing capabilities.

It should be noted that, as with many others Compile shooters like Seirei Senshi Spriggan or Super Aleste, power ups reappear infinitely during boss fights, which are not time limited. This way, infinite score can be accumulated, thus making the score counter obsolete.


DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage01.png
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage01Boss.png
Stage 1
Boss: 飛竜 ()
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage02.png
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage02Boss.png
Stage 2
Boss: 武者王 (今川 義元)
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage03.png
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage03Boss.png
Stage 3
Boss: (上杉 謙信)
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage04.png
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage04Boss.png
Stage 4
Boss: 飛竜改 ()
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage05.png
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage05Boss.png
Stage 5
Boss: (武田 信玄)
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage06.png
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage06Boss.png
Stage 6
Boss: (長宗我部 元親)
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage07.png
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage07Boss.png
Stage 7
Boss: (島津 貴久)
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage08.png
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage08Boss.png
Stage 8
Boss: (冴刃)
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage09.png
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage09Boss.png
Stage 9
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage10.png
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage10Boss.png
Stage 10
Boss: (毛利 元就)
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage11.png
DenninAleste MCD JP SSStage11Boss.png
Stage 11
Mid-Boss: 火竜 ()

Boss: (Astaroth)


The game was made easier for the release outside of Japan, e.g. Aleste's yellow homing orbs became much stronger and the steady increase in rank was toned down. The NTSC-J version had plenty of character dialogue stored as Red Book audio tracks on the disc, but many of these tracks ended up being unused. The respective dialogues simply appeared as text.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English Robo Aleste Robo Aleste
English (US) Robo Aleste Robo Aleste
Japanese Dennin Aleste (電忍アレスタ)

Production credits

Oversea version

  • Producer: Masamitsu Niitani
  • Planning: Kerol
  • Programmers: Takin, Koichi Yamashita, Jemini Hirono
  • Character Designers: Hiroshi Ryuoh-in, Shin-ichi Ohnishi, Syunsuke "Great" Takashima, Kerol
  • Mechanic Designers: Hiroshi Ryuoh-in, Hiroki Kodama
  • Continuity Writers: Kengo Morita, Zod Hoshijima, Kerol
  • Computer Graphics: Hiroki Kodama, Shin-ichi Ohnishi, Hiroshi Ryuoh-in, Kengo Morita, Gennosuke Yumi
  • Sound Effects: Einosuke Nagao
  • Sampling: Pon Imasue
  • Cooperators: Yasutoshi Akiyama, Kasumi Hakuryuh-hou, Kazunari Bishamonten, Lemontea
  • Cast of Voices: Terry Ueyama, Xanthe Smith, Barry Gjerde, Geraldine Twilley, Robert B. Spenser
  • Cooperation
    • By Word: Japan Media Programming co., ltd.
  • Compact Disc Audio
    • All music produced and arranged by: Katsumi Tanaka
    • Original music written by: Katsumi Tanaka, Satoshi Shimazaki
    • Original sound recording made by: LMS Recordings
    • All songs published by: LMS Music inc.
    • Full digital process mastered at: Hit Factory Japan
  • Multi Audio at Visual Sequence
    • Produced and engineered by: Katsumi Tanaka
  • All CD music are: Virtual Stereo Treated
  • Explanatory leaflet Staff: Kazuhiro Kohnoue, Youichi Utsumi, Katsuhiko Ikeda, Zod Hoshijima, Hiroshi Ryuoh-in
  • Supervisor: Jemini Hirono
  • Directed by: Kerol, Compile

Japanese version

  • プロデューサー: 仁井谷 正充
  • 企画: ケロル
  • プログラマー: Takin, 山下 孝一, じぇみに 広野
  • キャラクターデザイン: 龍王院 弘, 大西 伸一, 高島 "グレート" 俊介, ケロル
  • メカニックデザイン: 龍王院 弘, 小玉 "俺に惚れろ" 浩樹
  • 絵コンテ: 森田 時雨, ゾッド 星島, ケロル
  • グラフィック: 小玉 "俺に惚れろ" 浩樹, 大西 伸一, 龍王院 弘, 森田 時雨, 弓 弦之助
  • 効果音: 長尾 英之助
  • サンプリング: 今末 PON
  • 協力: 秋山 泰俊, 白龍鳳 霞, 毘沙門天 和鳴, 果物茶
  • 声の出演: 緑川 光, 久川 綾, 神谷 明, 寺瀬 めぐみ, 岸野 幸正, 森山 周一郎
  • 協力: 青二プロ, 吉江企画
  • Compact Disc Audio
    • All music produced and arranged by: Katsumi Tanaka
    • Original music written are: Katsumi Tanaka, Satoshi Shimazaki
    • Original sound recording made by: LMS Recordings
    • All songs published by: LMS Music inc.
    • Full digital process mastered at: Hit Factory Japan
  • Multi Audio at Visual Sequence Produced and engineered by: Katsumi Tanaka
  • All CD Recording Processed: Virtual Stereo Treated
  • マニュアルスタッフ: 河野上 和廣, 内海 庸一, 池田 克彦, ゾッド 星島, 龍王院 弘
  • スーパーバイザー: じぇみに 広野
  • 監督: ケロル
  • 制作: コンパイル
Source: In-game credits (JP)Media:DenninAleste_MCD_JP_SSCredits.pdf[6]

Track list

1. [data track] ({{{time}}})

2. Stage 1 Start Demo (00:06)

3. Stage 1 / 10 BGM (05:10)

4. Stage 2 Start Demo (00:11)

5. Stage 9 Start Demo (00:08)

6. Stage 2 / 9 BGM (03:36)

7. Stage 3 Start Demo (00:09)

8. Stage 7 Start Demo (00:09)

9. Stage 3 / 7 BGM (02:48)

10. Boss BGM 1 (05:12)

11. Stage Clear BGM (00:13)

12. Game Over BGM (00:11)

13. Stage 5 Start Demo (00:14)

14. Stage 5 / 8 BGM (05:07)

15. Stage 6 Start Demo (00:08)

16. Stage 4 / 6 BGM (05:39)

17. Stage 11 Start Demo (00:09)

18. Boss BGM 2 (03:18)

19. Stage 11 BGM (03:07)

20. Last Boss BGM (03:04)

21. Opening Visual Demo (04:19)

22. Stage 5 Visual Demo (01:41)

23. Stage 6 Visual Demo (00:48)

24. Stage 7 Visual Demo (00:56)

25. Ending Visual Demo (06:28)
Running time: 52:51

Magazine articles

Main article: Robo Aleste/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

VG&CE US 55.pdf

Print advert in VideoGames & Computer Entertainment (US) #55: "August 1993" (1993-xx-xx)

SegaVisions US 14.pdf

Print advert in Sega Visions (US) #14: "August/September 1993" (1993-xx-xx)

EGM US 050.pdf

Print advert in Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #50: "September 1993" (1993-xx-xx)

BeepMD JP 1992-07.pdf

Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1992-07: "July 1992" (1992-06-08)

BeepMD JP 1992-10.pdf

Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1992-10: "October 1992" (1992-09-08)

Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
60 №1993-01, p29[7]
71 №, p84[8]
82 №17, p96-97[9]
93 №13, p85[10]
73 №49, p30[11]
90 №1, p124Media:MeanMachinesEssentialSegaGuide Book UK.pdf[12]
60 №206, [1]
81 №0109, p10/34-35
90 №50, p46[1]
60 №1992-11, p45
60 №16, p87[13]
64 №23, p79[14]
68 №34, p231[15]
52 №5, p44-45[16]
78 №20 (supp.), p24[17]
76 №9/93, p42[18]
92 №14, p26-29
84 №35, p108-109[19]
60 №16, p58-59
60 №18, p74
70 №4, p38-39
75 №8, p11
79 №1/94, p44[20]
Sega Mega-CD
Based on
24 reviews

Mega-CD, US
RoboAleste MCD US Box Back.jpgRoboAleste MCD US Box Front.jpg
RoboAleste MCD US Disc.jpg
Roboaleste mcd us manual.pdf
Mega-CD, EU
RoboAleste MCD EU Box Back.jpgRoboAleste MCD EU Box Front.jpg
RoboAleste MCD EU spinecard.jpg
RoboAleste MCD EU Disc.jpg
RoboAleste mcd EU Manual.pdf
Mega-CD, JP
RoboAleste MCD JP Box Back.jpgRoboAleste MCD JP Box Front.jpg
RoboAleste MCD JP Disc.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Mega-CD
554,923,824 CD (EU) 4416
Sega Mega-CD
574,511,280 CD (JP) T-66014


Robo Aleste
RoboAleste title.png

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