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In-game credits[1]




Yuji Naka

  • Came up with the concept for Special Stages that would have the player running across a tiny planet.[2][3]

Hirokazu Yasuhara

  • "Managed whole project schedule, including the schedules of artists and programmers.[4]
  • Designed 2 thirds of all zones (includes Sonic & Knuckles.[4]
  • Designed enemy patterns.[4]
  • Designed gameplay mechanics.[4]
  • "Developed game story and play structure."[4]

Takashi Iizuka

  • Came up with the concept of each playable character having slightly different abilities and slightly different level paths.[5]
  • Was one of the designers who came up with Lock-On Technology,[5][6] including the concept that it would have different operations depending on the game it was used on.[5][7]

Kunitake Aoki

Masaru Setsumaru

  • Created sound effects.[10]
  • Programmed sound.[10]

Tatsuyuki Maeda

  • Created music.[11]
  • Created sound effects.[11]

Jun Senoue

Music credits

ID Description Credits Used Comments
01 Angel Island Zone Act 1 Yes
02 Angel Island Zone Act 2 Yes
03 Hydrocity Zone Act 1 Yes
04 Hydrocity Zone Act 2 Yes
05 Marble Garden Zone Act 1 Yes
06 Marble Garden Zone Act 2 Yes
07 Carnival Night Zone Act 1 Yes
08 Carnival Night Zone Act 2 Yes
09 Flying Battery Zone Act 1 No
0A Flying Battery Zone Act 2 No
0B IceCap Zone Act 1 Yes
0C IceCap Zone Act 2 Yes
0D Launch Base Zone Act 1 Yes
0E Launch Base Zone Act 2 Yes
0F Mushroom Hill Zone Act 1 No
10 Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2 No
11 Sandopolis Zone Act 1 No
12 Sandopolis Zone Act 2 No
13 Lava Reef Zone Act 1 No
14 Lava Reef Zone Act 2 No
15 Sky Sanctuary Zone No
16 Death Egg Zone Act 1 No
17 Death Egg Zone Act 2 No
18 Sub-boss theme Yes
19 Boss theme Yes
1A The Doomsday Zone No
1B Bonus Stage (Glowing Spheres) No
1C Special Stage Yes
1D Bonus Stage (Slot Machine) No
1E Bonus Stage (Gumball Machine) Yes
1F Azure Lake Yes
20 Balloon Park Yes
21 Desert Palace Yes
22 Chrome Gadget Yes
23 Endless Mine Yes
24 Knuckles' theme Yes
25 Title screen Yes
26 Staff roll Yes
27 Game over Yes
28 Competition results Yes
29 Act clear Yes
2A 1-UP Yes
2B Chaos Emerald Yes
2C Invincibility theme Yes
2D Competition screen Yes
2E Sub-boss theme Yes
2F Data select Yes
30 Final boss theme Yes
31 Drowning countdown Yes
32 All clear Yes


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