After Burner / Super Hang-On

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After Burner / Super Hang-On
Format: LaserDisc
Publisher: Pony Video
Running time: 29:37
Release Date RRP Code
¥6,8006,800 G68X0228

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After Burner / Super Hang-On (for lack of a better name) is a LaserDisc released in Japan. It is a playthrough of the arcade games After Burner II (note: not the original as advertised) and Super Hang-On.

The footage was released on VHS but in different forms - this pairing of videos is thought to be exclusive to LaserDisc. There are no sound effects, just music (from the arcade games) layered over footage at the appropriate moments.

Production credits

  • Producer: Osamu Takahashi (Tyrell Corp.), Katsuhiko Takemasa (Ponycanyon Inc.)
  • Assistant Producer: Keizo Kabata (Ponycanyon Inc.)
  • Director: Mao Kawaguchi (Tyrell Corp.), Haruo Nakano (Tyrell Corp.)
  • Technical Director: Ryoichi Komiya (E.L.C.)
  • Editing Operator: Takashi Katagiri (Art Plaza1000)
  • MA Operator: Shinji Aoki (Art Plaza1000)
  • Editing Studio: Art Plaza1000
  • Game Player: Shigeki Yamashita, Hiroshi Kawashima (Spream-Sol)
In-video credits


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LaserDisc video

Physical scans

LaserDisc, JP
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