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Defenders of Oasis
System(s): Sega Game Gear
Publisher: Sega
Genre: RPG[2][3][4]

Number of players: 1
Official in-game languages:
  • 日本語
  • English
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Game Gear
    ¥5,5005,500 G-3404
    Sega Game Gear
    $39.9939.99[6] 2503
    Sega Game Gear
    Sega Game Gear
    £34.9934.99[7][8] 2503
    Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
    ¥286 (300)286 (300)[9]
    CERO: A
    Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
    ESRB: Everyone 10+
    Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
    PEGI: 7+
    Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
    USK: 6
    Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
    PEGI: 7+

    Defenders of Oasis, known as Shadam Crusader: Harukanaru Oukoku (シャダム・クルセイダー ~遙かなる王国~) in Japan, is a role-playing game for the Sega Game Gear. It was released in Japan in September 1992, and in North America in Winter 1992.

    The game takes place in a setting influenced by the Arabian Nights and ancient Middle Eastern culture, like Beyond Oasis and Prince of Persia.


    In ancient times, the hero Jamseed sealed away the dark god Ahriman and established the Kingdom of Shanadar. Although Shanadar was once conquered by Ahriman's servant, the Snake King Zahhark, it was reclaimed one thousand years later by the hero Fallidoon, and Shanadar finds peace and prosperity under successive kings. However, Ahriman begins to plot his return; he manipulates the Eflaat Empire, led by Zahhak's descendant, into searching for the three magic Rings of Light that Jamseed used to seal him away.

    In the present day, the King of Shanadar tasks his son, the Prince, with escorting the Princess of the neighboring kingdom Mahamood and keeper of one of the rings. When the Eflaat Empire attacks the Shanadar Kingdom, the King gives the Prince the second ring and instructs him to escape to Mahamood with the Princess and seek aid from its king.

    The Prince is attacked by the traitorous General Kohle and awakens in the lair of a resistance group. The group's leader informs the Prince of a magic lamp hidden within the kingdom's treasury, and suggests that the lamp's power can nullify Kohle's magic sword. The Prince obtains the treasury key from his dying tutor and discovers the lamp, which houses a powerful Genie who declares the Prince to be his new master. Aided by the Genie's magic, the Prince successfully defeats Kohle and avenges his tutor. The Prince and Princess disembark on a ship helmed by a captain and his son Saleem. He learns that he must find the three Rings of Light before Ahriman's servants can destroy them and free the dark god from his imprisonment.


    Defenders of Oasis, Dungeon.png

    Defenders of Oasis, Battle.png

    Dungeon and battle

    Defenders of Oasis, Pause Menu.png

    Defenders of Oasis, Character Status.png

    Status screens

    Defenders of Oasis is a role-playing game in which the player controls the Prince of Shanadar, who must defeat the empire that has attacked his kingdom. The game is broken into five chapters. The Prince is initially solitary, but forms a party including three other characters over the course of the game. The game is played from an overhead perspective. The setting includes several villages and castles, in which the Prince is capable of conversing with pedestrians and collecting objects. Each village includes at least one shop where the player can purchase and sell items (in dinars) that can aid the Prince and his party, such as weapons, armor, and accessories. Villages also include a certain place where the party can rest and recover their hit points and spell points.

    At random intervals in areas outside of a village and at specific moments in the story, the game enters combat. The battle screen displays the names of the party's current members and their amounts of remaining hit points at the top of the screen, the enemies currently attacking the player (with a maximum of three enemies appearing at a time) in the center of the screen, and a textual interface through which the player inputs commands for the characters at the bottom of the screen. During these encounters, the player characters and the enemies exchange moves until one side is defeated. As the player characters take damage from enemy attacks, their number of hit points decreases. If a character's hit points are fully depleted, the character is knocked out and unable to fight unless another character uses an item or spell to revive them; characters who are knocked out also revive with a small number of hit points if the battle is won. When all enemies on the screen have been defeated, the player characters are rewarded with an amount of experience points, dinars, and in some cases, items. Characters who are unconscious at the end of the battle do not receive experience.

    Outside of battles, the player can access a status screen with  START , where the status of each character can be checked, and items and spells can be used and equipped. The human characters gain levels that increase their attributes when they acquire enough experience points. Attributes include:

    • Power—Increases the damage done to enemies.
    • Speed—Affects how often a character gets a turn in battles and how frequently he can dodge attacks.
    • Stamina—Reduces the damage taken by enemies.
    • Will—Increases the character's resistance to enemy abilities that cause a loss of consciousness.

    The game has an autosave feature that automatically saves progress throughout gameplay.


    Defenders of Oasis, Characters.png
    The Prince is the main character. He has the highest attack and defensive power, but he is slower than the other characters. He has the Run ability, which attempts to escape the battle.
    Defenders of Oasis, Characters.png
    The Genie is the only spellcaster. He joins the party in Chapter 1. He starts with high speed and stamina. He can learn a number of offensive and defensive spells. He does not gain experience or levels, as the other characters do. Instead, the player can find and use items that upgrade him by polishing and plating his lamp. He also learns spells by reading wall inscriptions after finding the Mirror of Knowledge item.
    Defenders of Oasis, Characters.png
    Saleem is the son of a ship captain. He joins the party in Chapter 2. He is faster than the Prince but slower than Agmar. He can perform a Dance of Death, which attacks all enemies.
    Defenders of Oasis, Characters.png
    Agmar is a thief. He joins the party in Chapter 3. He is strong and very fast. He has the Hide ability, which lessens his chance of being attacked and enables the Assault command for the next turn, which is a more powerful attack.


    The Genie learns more spells over the course of the game.

    Spell Mana cost Description
    Alma 3 Restores 20-40 hit points to one character.
    Haoma 3 Removes poison from one character.
    Varyu 10 Silences an enemy (preventing it from casting spells).
    Urus 4 Increases the offensive power of one character.
    Almaty 8 Restores all hit points to one character.
    Asha 2 Damages an enemy for 40-60 hit points.
    Raag 0 Transports the party to any previously visited location.
    Asma 6 Damages all enemies for 40-60 hit points.
    Wofmanaf 5 Increases the defensive power for all characters in the party.
    Amultart 7 Restores consciousness to an unconscious character.
    Kshasla 0 Allows the party to pass through certain barriers.
    Halwtart 0 The Genie returns to his lamp for the rest of the battle to restore some hit points and magic points.
    Skanda 2 Escapes from a battle.
    Ashawan 9 Damages an enemy for 80-100 hit points.
    Asman 10 Damages all enemies for 60-80 hit points.
    Meialma 12 Restores 60 hit points to all characters.
    Ast 11 Stops one enemy's breath.
    Afnawar 16 Damages all enemies for 100-120 hit points.


    Defenders of Oasis, Shop.png


    Some items can be purchased in shops, but others are found in chests or dropped by enemies in battle.

    Item Description
    Snake Act Removes poison from a character.
    Herb Restores hit points to a character.
    Holy Herb Restores more hit points to a character.
    Barrel Restores a large amount of hit points to all characters.
    Talisman Restores all hit points to all characters.
    Worm Act Resurrects a fallen character (except the Genie).
    Bottle Captures monsters during combat.
    Life Pot Increases the character's stamina by 3-4.
    Power Pot Increases the character's power by 2-3.
    Speed Pot Increases the character's speed by 4-5.
    Crystal Increases the Genie's defense by 7.
    Plating Increases the Genie's maximum hit points by 5.
    Gilding Increases the Genie's maximum hit points by 15.
    Hemp Increases the Genie's maximum magic points by 5.
    Silk Increases the Genie's maximum magic points by 15.


    Item Description
    Ring One The Ring of Power, one of the three magic Rings of Light.
    Ring Two The Ring of Words, one of the three magic Rings of Light.
    Ring Three The Ring of Soul, one of the three magic Rings of Light.
    Key of S The Key to the Shandar Treasury.
    Key of G The Key to the Gylan Palace.
    Key of E The Key of the Empire.
    Key of T The Key of the Tower.
    Lamp The Genie's lamp, which adds the Genie to the party.
    Barbado The Harp of Sleep, lulls an enemy to sleep so it skips its turns.
    Mirror The Mirror of Knowledge, allows the Prince to read wall inscriptions to teach the Genie new spells.
    Passport Gains access to the palace at Gylan.
    Amulet Puts dead spirits to rest.


    Weapon Equippable by Description
    Shamsir Prince, Saleem, Agmar Base weapon.
    Kutar Prince Increases attack by 4.
    Saber Prince, Saleem Increases attack by 9.
    Jambiya Prince, Saleem, Agmar Increases attack by 12.
    Falchion Prince Increases attack by 22.
    Holynar Prince, Saleem, Agmar Increases attack by 27.
    Chakram Saleem Increases attack by 30.
    Kris Agmar Increases attack by 30.
    Talwar Prince Increases attack by 42.
    Kwarnaf Prince Increases attack by 47.
    Poisonar Prince, Saleem, Agmar Poisons opponent when hit.
    Firenar Prince Adds fireball attack.


    Item Description
    Hilt Can be combined with the F. Stone or H. Stone to form a weapon.
    F. Stone Can be combined with the Hilt to forge the Firenar sword.
    H. Stone Can be combined with the Hilt to forge the Holynar sword.



    Armor Equippable by Description
    Turban Prince, Saleem, Agmar Base armor.
    Bandana Prince Increases defense by 2.
    Circlet Saleem Increases defense by 6.
    Pillow Prince, Saleem, Agmar Increases defense by 6, restores hit points after each turn.
    Mask Agmar Increases defense by 8.
    Crown Prince, Saleem Increases defense by 12.
    Helm Prince Increases defense by 17.


    Armor Equippable by Description
    Mantle Prince, Saleem, Agmar Base armor.
    Cape Prince Increases defense by 4.
    Cloak Prince, Saleem, Agmar Increases defense by 6.
    Shield Prince, Saleem, Agmar Increases defense by 10.
    Sp. Mantle Prince Increases defense by 17.
    Cuirass Saleem Increases defense by 22.
    Herberk Agmar Increases defense by 22.
    Sp. Cape Prince, Saleem, Agmar Increases defense by 27.
    Sp. Cloak Prince, Saleem, Agmar Increases defense by 32.


    Localised names

    Also known as
    Language Localised Name English Translation
    English Defenders of Oasis Defenders of Oasis
    English (US) Defenders of Oasis Defenders of Oasis
    Japanese シャダム・クルセイダー ~遙かなる王国~ Shadam Crusader: Harukanaru Oukoku

    Production credits

    In-game credits
    Defenders of Oasis GG credits.pdf


    Magazine articles

    Main article: Defenders of Oasis/Magazine articles.

    Promotional material

    Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1992-10: "October 1992" (1992-09-08)


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    Defenders of Oasis

    Game Gear, JP
    DefendersOfOasis GG JP Box Back.jpgDefendersOfOasis GG JP Box Spine.jpgDefendersOfOasis GG JP Box Front.jpg
    ShadamCrusader GG JP Cart.jpg
    Shadam Crusader GG JP Manual.pdf
    Game Gear, US
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    Defenders of Oasis GG US Manual.pdf
    Game Gear, EU
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    DefendersofOasis GG US-EU Cart.jpg
    DefendersOfOasis GG EU Manual.jpg

    Technical information

    ROM dump status

    System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
    Sega Game Gear
    CRC32 09f9ed60
    MD5 dfea773be248f6aa84eacab911ac9316
    SHA-1 de4b546f61dd32106247d38643849f6aaeeedb07
    512kB Cartridge (JP) 8kB backup
    Sega Game Gear
    CRC32 e2791cc1
    MD5 8430050c60db46b3887cf7d7cf2f206f
    SHA-1 07c1167c3b6eea294a73272c256934406f48f9d5
    512kB Cartridge (US/EU) 8kB backup
    Sega Game Gear
    CRC32 c674eccc
    MD5 503e2946dcf3cba80a7264ebc4793afd
    SHA-1 76e1f94dbb8a12ba428767d2e70f00fe719fa449
    256kB EPROM cartridge Page

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