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Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit
System(s): Sega Mega-CD
Peripherals supported: CD BackUp RAM Cart
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega-CD
¥7,800 G-6034
Sega Mega-CD
$59.95[1] 4608
Sega Mega-CD
£? 4608-50
Sega Mega-CD
?F 4608-50
Sega Mega-CD
DM ? 4608-50
Sega Mega-CD
?Ptas 4608-50
Sega Mega-CD
R$? ?

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Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit, known as Heavenly Symphony: Formula One World Championship 1993 (ヘブンリー シンフォニー フォーミュラーワン ワールド チャンピオンシップ 1993) in Japan, is a Formula One racing game for the Sega Mega-CD. It was produced by Sega in co-operation with Fuji Television and is licensed by FOCA.

Though it shares many similarities with Sega's prior Formula One racing games, specifically Super Monaco GP and Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II, it is thought to be produced by an entirely different team within Sega, so is not considered a sequel. Ironically Ayrton Senna is omitted from this game's lineup for licensing reasons, and is therefore the only missing driver from the 1993 Formula One season (although his name and car number can be defined by the player).

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The game takes place in a first person view from the cockpit, like many racing games on the early era consoles, but instead of using pre-defined road pieces or background deformation, this game makes use of the Sega Mega-CD's extra hardware and uses scaling and rotation of an image, similar to the Super Nintendo's Mode 7. This effect is also used in Sonic CD's Special Stages and various other games.

All 16 tracks are available from the 1993 season, including the fictional Sega Park, given the location of Japan. The tracks themselves are accurate recreations of the real tracks, with appropriate elements from their real-life counter-part. For example, Donington Park, which was sponsored by SEGA, had various SEGA logos littered all over the place (with various billboards of Sonic the Hedgehog).


Like most racing games, this features a main Grand Prix mode, where you take the reins and take the 1993 season on. You will start off on the Sega Park test track, in a very generic car. From your performance, you will be able to select a team to drive for and make your contract. Based on how the player does during the season, they can either get new contract offers, or get fired from their current team. There are 4 save files to use for this mode, the player can do the season as various teams, or to be allowed for a friend's save.

There is also a 1993 Mode, allowing the player to take on challenges based off events in the 1993 season. For example, for the European Grand Prix, the player must take the role of Rubens Barrichello for 6 laps on Donington Park. The rain is at play and drivers are constantly pitting in with the changing weather. Rubens' tires are wearing out, and the player must pit, retain position, and don't let the Williams driver, Damon Hill, overtake Rubens. Upon selecting a scenario, a FMV will play showcasing a bit of the race's events, then transition into the gameplay. There are also another 4 saves for this mode.

Finally, there is a Free Run mode, where the player can drive on any track, with any amount of laps, any car of their choice, and the choice of weather.


Tobacco Sponsoring

This game controversially uses Tobacco Sponsoring. While it was standard practise for other racing games to avoid this, it would seem to be complete ignorance by the Japanese developers, despite being under supervision of FOCA and Fuji Television. Various sponsors, while visible in the cutscenes, are visible on cars and the track - Player's LTEE, for example, on the Canadian Grand Prix, and Camel on the Benneton.


Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit
English (US) Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit
Japanese ヘブンリー シンフォニー フォーミュラーワン ワールド チャンピオンシップ 1993 Heavenly Symphony: Formula One World Championship 1993

Localisation Changes

In addition to the name change, various other changes were made for the American and European release. These include;

  • The game was made notably more easy for the localised release. The Japanese release, for example, is slower, and engine failure is a much higher possibility. Additionally, use of the boost for longer than one lap would cause an engine failure, in accordance to one of the texts in the game. Instead, it would take around 4 laps in the exported version.
  • The heads-up-display was moved to the bottom of the screen in the localised release, whereas it was on the top in Japan.
  • Various songs were given different usages between versions.
  • In 1993 mode, the Japanese release had music playing while racing, which went unused in the exported game.
  • A bonus menu could be accessed when the player won the Driver's Championship and the Constructors Championship, giving access to all the FMVs in the game. This was not in the Japanese version.

Production credits

  • Producer: Ossy, Jitsunosuke Kawai (Fuji Television)
  • Project Manager: Kunio Numabe (Fuji Television)
  • Director: Yasuo Namitome (Fuji Television), Kyamura, Taka_Oh
  • Program Director: Dehehe
  • Art Director: K1
  • Sound Director: Macky
  • Game Designer: Taka_Oh, Mike, Iaka, Q-Taro
  • Graphic designer: K1, Hirorih, Sanchan, Milcha, Tamamur∀, Geny
  • Programmer: Dehehe, H.Suckamatt, Todo, Tek
  • Test Course Design: Kazuhito Kawai
Sound Staff
U. S. A. Staff
  • Director: Atsushi "Sushi" Kosugi (Beat On Beat, Inc. N. Y.)
  • Recording Engineer: Patrick Dillett, Michael Conrader
  • Mix Engineer: Patrick Dillett
  • Assistant Engineer: Justin Lucher, Hiro Ishihara
  • Musicians: Larry Mitchell, Yossi Fine, Alex Alexander, Tommy Mandel, Dana Calitri, Gwen Guthrie, Andy Snitzer, Kurtis King, Anders Bostrom, Hiram Bullock, Willine Martinez, East 4th Hones (John Allmark, John Scarpulla, John Wheeler), Tsunekazu Aoki, Tetsuo Sakurai, Yoshihiro Tomonari, Takuo Uchida, Yukiyoshi Hujimoto, Yoshio Nomura, Masahiro Inaba, Hisanori Kumamaru, Funky Fujisawa, Jake H. Conception, Jun De Martini
Naration Staff

  • Supervisor: Tetsuo Hamaguchi (Fuji Television), Nobuhiro Kasai (Fuji Television), Masanari Funaki (Fuji Television), Hirofumi Matsuno (Fuji Television), Jyun Minegishi (Fuji Television)
  • Special Thanks: Rascal Fuku-Chan, Tetsu, Shigeyuki, Tatsuyan (HIC), Ykki (HIC), Sam Ohashi, Takumi, Ann, Samaore, Tac Iwd, Wagamama Sam, Masu, Chepeat, Bossanova Oyz, T.S., Hirochan, Hiyo-Hiyo, Yutaka Kobari (Fuji Television), Kenji Hoshiya (Fuji Television), Noriyuki Sakai, Hideto Kurihara, Makoto Satou, Masahiro Saito, Takehiro Motoyoshi, Nahna, Yuki,Crystal,Takako (Beat On Beat, Inc. N. Y.)
  • Senior Supervisor: Kazuhito Kawai
Formula One World Championship 1993 Heavenly Symphony
The End
Source: In-game credits (JP)

Source: US manualMedia:Formula1 mcd us manual.pdf[2]

Track list

1. [data track] ({{{time}}})

2. 1993 MODE - ROUND SELECT (01:31)

3. Hot Groove (01:52)

4. Only One Way to Go (01:35)
Composed by: Jun Senoue

5. Triscope (01:06)

6. Exhaustless Beat (01:04)

7. Time to Detonate (01:39)
Composed by: Jun Senoue

8. You Can Be a Star (01:10)
Composed by: Jun Senoue

9. Battle For Win (01:28)
Composed by: Jun Senoue

10. Winds of Victory (02:28)
Composed by: Jun Senoue

11. Lucky Star (01:05)

12. Winning Beats (01:27)

13. Mirage (02:01)
Composed by: Jun Senoue

14. D.N.Q (00:17)

15. Game Over (00:14)

16. Song Of Pilots (00:41)

17. Track17 (00:21)

18. Track18 (00:17)

19. Track19 (00:06)

20. Course introduction 01 (01:14)

21. Course introduction 02 (01:00)

22. Course introduction 03 (00:56)

23. Course introduction 04 (01:04)

24. Course introduction 05 (01:02)

25. Course introduction 06 (01:15)

26. Course introduction 07 (01:06)

27. Course introduction 08 (01:05)

28. Course introduction 09 (01:05)

29. Course introduction 10 (01:03)

30. Course introduction 11 (01:06)

31. Course introduction 12 (01:07)

32. Course introduction 13 (01:04)

33. Course introduction 14 (01:11)

34. Course introduction 15 (01:08)

35. Course introduction 16 (01:32)

36. Course introduction 17 (01:24)

37. …And Close Your Eyes (04:03)
Composed by: Jun Senoue
Running time: 43:47

Magazine articles

Main article: Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

BeepMD JP 1994-04.pdf

Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1994-04: "April 1994" (1994-03-08)

BeepMD JP 1994-05.pdfBeepMD JP 1994-05.pdf

Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1994-05: "May 1994" (1994-04-08)

Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
63 №1994-05, p18[3]
84 №, p83[4]
63 №155, p93[5]
40 №10, p74/75
65 №280, [1]
47 №19, p59
81 №7, p21
60 №1994-06, p61
89 №33, p30
37 №22, p40/41
92 №12, p38/39/40
80 №48, p148
78 №9, p78/79
51 №57, p54
90 №34, p48
Sega Mega-CD
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15 reviews

Mega-CD, US
F1WCBtL MCD US Box Back.jpgF1WCBtL MCD US Box Front.jpg
F1WCBtL MCD US Disc.jpg
Formula1 mcd us manual.pdf
Mega-CD, EU
F1WCBtL MCD EU Box Back.jpgF1WCBtL MCD EU Box Front.jpg
FormulaOne MCD EU spinecard.jpg
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Mega-CD, JP
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FormulaOne MCD JP spinecard.jpg
F1WCBtL MCD JP Disc.jpg
Heavenlysymphony mcd jp manual.pdf
Mega-CD, BR
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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Mega-CD
666,432,144 CD (JP) G-6034
Sega Mega-CD
676,571,616 CD (US) 4608


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