From Loud 2 Low: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Works

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From Loud 2 Low: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Works
Format(s): CD
Record label: Hitmaker Records
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥2,800 (2,940)2,800 (2,940)[1] HR-06

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From Loud 2 Low: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Works is an album by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi. It primarily features songs he composed for a variety of Sega games, plus a couple of new, exclusive tracks.

The album was followed by From Loud 2 Low Too: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Works in 2009.

Track list

1. Let's Go Away (4:16) 
From: Daytona USA
2. Natsu no Arashi (4:32) 
Japan 夏の嵐
EN: Summer Storm
From: Virtua Fighter 2
3. Mirai e to Tsudzuku Sora (4:28) 
Japan 未来へと続く空
EN: The Sky Continuing Towards the Future
From: Victory Goal '96
4. Aigatarinai ze (4:06) 
Japan 愛が足りないぜ
EN: Love's Not Enough
From: Virtua Fighter
5. Solitude (6:13) 
From: Virtua Fighter
6. Kimigainai Yoru (4:15) 
Japan 君がいない夜
EN: A Night Without You
From: Virtua Fighter 3
7. Burning Hearts ~Honou no Angel~ (3:59) 
Japan Burning Hearts 〜炎のANGEL〜
EN: Burning Hearts ~Burning Angel~
From: Burning Rangers
8. I Just Smile (4:16) 
From: Burning Rangers
9. Sling Shot (4:46) 
From: Daytona USA 2
10. Shenmue Main Theme ~Original Version~ (3:58) 
Japan シェンムー メインテーマ ~Original Version~
From: Shenmue
11. Could Be (2:42) 
From: Crackin' DJ Part 2
12. Conquista Ciela (3:52) 
From: Cyber Troopers Virtual-On
13. Sore Ike! Kokology (3:51) 
Japan それゆけ!ココロジン
EN: Go! Kokology
From: Soreike Kokology 2
14. I Feel So Good... (3:44) 
15. Night In H.A.P (5:15) 
Running time: 64:13

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