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McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Sega
Licensor: McDonald's Corporation
Sound driver: SMPS 68000 (Treasure)
Genre: Action[1][2]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
¥6,8006,800 G-4102
Sega Mega Drive
$54.9954.99[3] 1067
Videogame Rating Council: GA
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
£44.9944.99[4] 1067
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive

McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (マクドナルド トレジャーランド・アドベンチャー), written in the United States as McDonald's Treasureland Adventure, is a Sega Mega Drive platform game developed by Treasure and published by Sega. Endorsed by and based off characters from American fast food company McDonald's, the game was first released in Japan in September 1993, was later localized and brought to the United States three months later, to Europe six months later, and was eventually published in Australia and Brazil later that year.

In March 1994, McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure received a redesigned port to the Sega Game Gear exclusively in Japan as Donald no Magical World, courtesy of developer SIMS.


Ronald McDonald, the mascot of the McDonald's chain, discovers a piece of a treasure map while walking in the Magical Forest one day, and decides to go on a treasure hunt with it. There are three other map pieces, each in the hands of villains Ronald must defeat on the treasure hunt he decides to take.


McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Store.png


The game is a platformer played as Ronald McDonald. It has four worlds, each split into a number of smaller stages. The object of each stage is to get to the exit that leads to the next, avoiding hazards and destroying enemies on the way. Ronald walks with Left and Right and crouches with Down. He jumps with C and jumps down from some platforms with Down+C. He has a magic attack performed by pressing B, which can be upgraded by collecting certain power-up icons. This attack can be done while crouching or jumping. Ronald has a magic scarf that can be thrown upwards with A to hang from handles. He holds the scarf out while the button is held and springs upwards past the handle when the button is released, which can be used to reach higher platforms.

Ronald's health is measured in a meter of magic jewels in the bottom-left of the screen. A special power-up can increase the number of jewels that can be held at one time, increasing Ronald's maximum health. If Ronald loses all of his jewels, he loses a life. Yellow and white flowers can also be collected, and if Ronald collects two yellow flowers or three white flowers, he earns a jewel back. If he is at full health, the flowers are stored until Ronald takes damage, giving him an extra hit. Ronald can also collect balloons, activated when he falls into a pit, using them up and floating Ronald to safety instead of having him lose a life.

Certain doors, when entered, lead to a shop where Ronald can use collected gold to purchase extra power-ups, like jewels, flowers, and extra lives. Other doors lead to a bonus game where the player must control and rotate falling blocks, matching the shapes on them to earn extra power-ups.

Near the end of each world, Ronald meets another McDonald's character, who requires a few jewels before opening the path to the world's boss. Each boss is fought by dodging their attacks, moving into their jewel-stealing beam, and attacking them while they are eating a jewel.


Items are found in the stages, purchased from shops, or sometimes released by enemies after they are defeated.

McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Items.png
White Bag of Gold
Increases Ronald's gold by 50.
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Items.png
Yellow Bag of Gold
Increases Ronald's gold by 300.
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Items.png
White Flower
Collect 3 to restore one hit point. Costs 150 gold in the shop.
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Items.png
Yellow Flower
Collect 2 to restore one hit point. Costs 100 gold in the shop.
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Items.png
Restores one hit point. Costs 300 gold in the shop.
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Items.png
Two Jewels
Restores two hit points. Costs 500 gold in the shop.
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Items.png
Magic Power-Up
Increases the power of Ronald's magic attack, up to 3 levels. Costs 2,000 gold in the shop.
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Items.png
Jewel Container
Permanently increases Ronald's maximum hit points by another jewel, up to a maximum of 7 jewels.
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Items.png
Saves Ronald from losing a life if he falls down a bottomless pit. They pop after a short time (or can be popped manually with B). This item can only be used once, but Ronald can carry multiple uses of it. Costs 10,000 gold in the shop.
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Items.png
Gives the player an extra life. Costs 5,000 gold in the shop.
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Items.png
Gives the player another continue. Costs 10,000 gold in the shop.
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Items.png
Takes Ronald to the item shop, where he can trade gold for items, or to the game center, where he can play the bonus game. Enter by standing in front of it and pressing Up.
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Items.png
Marks the exit to the stage.


MDTLA MD MagicalForest.png

Magical Forest

MDTLA MD MagicalTown.png

Magical Town

MDTLA MD MagicalSea.png

Magical Sea

MDTLA MD MagicalMoon.png

Magical Moon

Bonus Game

McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure, Bonus Game.png

Bonus game

Some doors found in stages lead to the bonus game, which the player can play in exchange for 2,000 gold.

The game is a falling-tile puzzle game similar to Columns or Puyo Puyo. Groups of three tiles fall from the top of the well and must be placed by the player. The tile groups are be moved with Left or Right and rotated clockwise with C or counterclockwise with B. The player must match three tiles of the same kind in a row (horizontally or vertically) or diagonally to eliminate them. The tiles correspond to items in the game, and eliminating three sets of matching tiles awards the player with that item.

Tiles are under the effect of gravity, so they separate and fall to fill in any gaps after being placed or eliminated. This allows for chain reactions. Skull tiles cannot be eliminated. The game ends if the well fills and the player cannot place any more tiles.



McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure was the first game to begin development at Treasure. However, Gunstar Heroes began development soon afterwards, and ended up being published first. Regardless, Gunstar Heroes would become commonly known as the company's first game.

Production credits

In-game credits
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Magazine articles

Main article: McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1993-10: "October 1993" (1993-09-08)

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McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure

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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Mega Drive
CRC32 04ef4899
MD5 2346c99595a4f341e39e6ec75fe19908
SHA-1 bcb77c10bc8f3322599269214e0f8dde32b01a5c
1MB 1993-09 Cartridge (US)
Sega Mega Drive
CRC32 6ab6a8da
MD5 114fa05e09fb388e5b9e42f77eef27c8
SHA-1 f6178018102df3c92d05a48ff5949db9416acd5c
1MB 1993-04 Cartridge (EU)
Sega Mega Drive
CRC32 febcfd06
MD5 a4c53fe9e340caa1380efb06e2244f02
SHA-1 aee7fd6a08ec22f42159b188f23406cbe3229f3d
1MB 1993-04 Cartridge (JP)
Sega Mega Drive
CRC32 7bf477e8
MD5 eb082494a52b859fef977c81ab1250a6
SHA-1 ddf496f9a95b2963fe50f3bcaef8e3b592e2fc64
1MB 1993-04 Page


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McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure

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