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Like the Sega Master System and Sega Mega Drive before it, the Sega Saturn was distributed by Tectoy in Brazil. These units were essentially re-branded USA units at first (both model 1 and 2), then Japanese white units, and lastly Derby Stallion Skeleton Saturns. All these units had a few internal modifications: custom power supplies were added, all serial numbers were removed, the region was changed to region 4 for USA when necessary, and units were fitted to output PAL-M signal. This sometimes included changing the master clock to 14.302446 Mhz, but sometimes they only added a separate sub-board with an oscillator, and fed the clock input directly to the video encoder, leaving the default 14.318 Mhz master clock in place. Since all serials were removed, it is impossible to determine how many of these were made. Like previous SEGA consoles released in Brazil, they are fully compatible with all games released in North America. In fact, most of the Tectoy Saturn games were simply US discs in Brazilian packaging.

Box Name Distributor Date & Price Console Label Hardware Software Documentation Comments
Saturn BR Box Top VF.jpg
Saturn BR Box Back VF.jpgSaturn BR Box Spine VF.jpgSaturn BR Box Front VF.jpgSaturn BR Box Spine2 VF.jpg
Saturn BR Box Bottom VF.jpg
Sega Saturn - Virtua Fighter Tec Toy
Brazil BR: (≥ 1995)
Sega saturn usa 1.jpg
Instruction Manual
TecToySaturnBlack BR Box Top.jpg
TecToySaturnBlack BR Box Back.jpgTecToySaturnBlack BR Box Left.jpgTecToySaturnBlack BR Box Front.jpgTecToySaturnBlack BR Box Right.jpg
TecToySaturnBlack BR Box Bottom.jpg
Sega Saturn - Virtua Fighter Remix Tec Toy
Brazil BR: (≥ 1995)
Sega saturn usa 1.jpg
Saturn BR Box Front 3J.jpg
Sega Saturn - 3 Jogos Incluídos Tec Toy
Brazil BR: (≥ 1996)
Sega saturn usa 2.jpg
TecToySaturnWhite Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngTecToySaturnWhite Box Front.jpg
Sega Saturn - 1 Jogo Incluído Tec Toy
Brazil BR: (≥ 1996)
Sega saturn white 2.jpg
TecToySaturnTransparent BR Box Top.jpg
TecToySaturnTransparent BR Box Back.jpgTecToySaturnTransparent BR Box Left.jpgTecToySaturnTransparent BR Box Front.jpgTecToySaturnTransparent BR Box RIght.jpg
TecToySaturnTransparent BR Box Bottom.jpg
Sega Saturn - 1 Jogo Incluído Tec Toy
Brazil BR: (≥ 1999)
Saturn JP HST-0022.jpg


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