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AV cables

Box Name Brand Date & Price Images Documentation
StereoAVCable Saturn Box Front.jpg
Stereo AV Cable Blaze (199x)

AV Cable Old Skool (xxxx)

AVCable Saturn Box Front RetroBit.jpg
AV Cable Retro-bit (xxxx)

Retro S32 AV Cable Retro-bit (xxxx)

AVCable Saturn Box Back Tomee.jpgNospine.pngAVCable Saturn Box Front Tomee.jpg
AV Cable Tomee (2012)

AV Cable Tomee (201x)

Controller extension cables

Box Name Brand Date & Price Images Documentation
?? Edge (>= 1995)

Saturn Controller Extension Cable High Frequency Box Front.jpg
Controller Extension Cable High Frequency (>= 1995)

Controller Extension Cable Mad Catz (>= 1995)

ProExtension Saturn Box Front Naki.jpg
Pro Extension Naki (>= 1995)

ControllerExtensionCable Saturn Box Front Performance.jpg
Controller Extension Cable Performance (>= 1995)
SaturnControllerExtensionCable 1.jpg

TOSK-C881 Saturn JP Box Front.jpg
Extension Cable Tosk (>= 1995)


Box Name Brand Date & Price Images Documentation
SSMultitap Saturn Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngSSMultitap Saturn Box Front.jpg
Multitap Honest Soft (>= 1996)
SSMultitap Saturn.jpg

MultiTapBlaze Saturn Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngMultiTapBlaze Saturn Box Front.jpg
Multi-Tap Blaze 79,95DM (>= 1996)[1]
MultiTap Saturn Blaze.jpg

RF units

Box Name Brand Date & Price Images Documentation
RFUnit Saturn Box Top Blaze.jpg
RFUnit Saturn Box Back Blaze.jpgRFUnit Saturn Box Spine Blaze.jpgRFUnit Saturn Box Front Blaze.jpgRFUnit Saturn Box Spine2 Blaze.jpg
RF Unit Blaze (>= 1995)
RFUnit Saturn Blaze.jpg

RFUnit Saturn Box Front ElectronicEquipment.jpg
RF Unit Electronic Equipment (>= 1995)

RFUnit Saturn US Box Back EB.jpgNospine.pngRFUnit Saturn US Box Front EB.jpg
RF Unit Electronics Boutique (>= 1995)

SuperRFUnit Saturn Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngSuperRFUnit Saturn Box Front.jpg
Super RF-Unit Freetron (>= 1995)

RF Unit Gamester (>= 1995)

RFSwitch Saturn Performance Box Back.jpgNospine.pngRFSwitch Saturn Performance Box Front.jpg
RF Switch Performance (1997)
RFSwitch Saturn Performance.jpg

WinsomeRF Saturn TW Box Front.jpg
RF Unit ?? (xxxx)

S-Video cables

Box Name Brand Date & Price Images Documentation
SVideoAVCable Saturn Box Front RetroBit.jpg
S-Video AV Cable Retro-bit (xxxx)

Taisen cables

Box Name Brand Date & Price Images Documentation
System Link Blaze (199x)

VS Cable FT Products (199x)
SS FT VS Cable.jpg

Other video cables

Box Name Brand Date & Price Images Documentation
NPALConvertor Saturn Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngNPALConvertor Saturn Box Front.jpg
N-PAL Convertor Game Source (xxxx)
NPALConvertor Saturn.jpg

PAL Booster ?? (xxxx)



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