Shigeharu Isoda

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Shigeharu Isoda
Date of birth: 1965-11-03 (age 58)
Employment history:
Role(s): Musician

Shigeharu "Nasu" Isoda (磯田 重晴), is a sound technician at Wave Master who has also composed music for a few games and has been involved with ports of Sega titles since the late '80s. He originally programmed sound effects and produced music for PC Engine (aka TurboGrafx-16) and X68000 titles alongside Kenichiro Isoda, mainly for the Darius series.

Notable Sega works include Bio-Hazard Battle (which he directed) and Roommania #203 (for which he was also a motion and voice actor).

Production history



Other works

Ooparts (Sega System 14) [NOTE: All Sound and Sound Driver]
PC-9801/Mega Drive development machine

  • SDB Z80 — Design and Programming (Mega Drive development use - Z80 Debugger)
  • MIDI Editor — Design and Programming (Mega Drive development use - Sound Editor)
  • SDB 68K — Design and Programming (Mega Drive development use - MC68000 Debugger)


  • ADPCM Encoder — Sega Saturn use CD-ROM XA ADPCM Encoder
  • SSBug — Design and Programming (Sega Saturn sound development use debugger) [For Saturn sound board]
  • ToneEditor32X — Design and Programming (Super 32X use sound development tool)

Song credits

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After Burner II (PC Engine Version)

  • Maximum Power — Arrangement
  • Final Take Off — Arrangement
  • Red Out — Arrangement
  • Super Stripe — Arrangement
  • After Burner — Arrangement
  • City 202 — Arrangement

OutRun (PC Engine Version)

  • Magical Sound Shower — Arrangement
  • Passing Breeze — Arrangement
  • Splash Wave — Arrangement
  • Last Wave — Arrangement

Sega Ages: OutRun

  • Last wave with... — Edit