Toru Yoshida

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Toru Yoshida
Employment history:
Role(s): Artist, Designer, Manager

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Toru Yoshida (吉田 徹), also known as Yoshibon. He was a major artist, director and writer during the Mega Drive for various games. Afterwards he has been consulting and doing management for various games in his department. Ever since Sega opened mobile divisions with Mobile Phone Contents Development Dept. and Sega Networks, he has been a design team leader there.


Toru Yoshida joined Sega after 4 years in college, unable to get a job appointment. He was desperate for any opportunity where he would be an illustrator, and stumbled upon an orientation meeting at Sega's Hokkaido office. He originally submitted to work in marketing, as he didn't know the company very well, not knowing home consoles other than the Famicom existed..[4]

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