From Loud 2 Low: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Works

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From Loud 2 Low: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Works
Format(s): CD
Record label: Hitmaker Records
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥2,800 (2,940)2,800 (2,940)[1] HR-06

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From Loud 2 Low: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Works is an album by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi. It primarily features songs he composed for a variety of Sega games, plus a couple of new, exclusive tracks.

The album was followed by From Loud 2 Low Too: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Works in 2009.

Track list

1. Let's Go Away (4:16) 
From: Daytona USA
2. Natsu no Arashi (4:32) 
Japan 夏の嵐
EN: Summer Storm
From: Virtua Fighter 2
  • 作詞: K.INOJO
  • 作曲: 多々納 好夫
  • 編曲: 大堀 薫
3. Mirai e to Tsudzuku Sora (4:28) 
Japan 未来へと続く空
EN: The Sky Continuing Towards the Future
From: Victory Goal '96
4. Aigatarinai ze (4:06) 
Japan 愛が足りないぜ
EN: Love's Not Enough
From: Virtua Fighter
  • 作詞: 森 雪之丞
  • 作曲: 米川 英之
  • 編曲: 大堀 薫
5. Solitude (6:13) 
From: Virtua Fighter
6. Kimigainai Yoru (4:15) 
Japan 君がいない夜
EN: A Night Without You
From: Virtua Fighter 3
7. Burning Hearts ~Honou no Angel~ (3:59) 
Japan Burning Hearts 〜炎のANGEL〜
EN: Burning Hearts ~Burning Angel~
From: Burning Rangers
8. I Just Smile (4:16) 
From: Burning Rangers
9. Sling Shot (4:46) 
From: Daytona USA 2
10. Shenmue Main Theme ~Original Version~ (3:58) 
Japan シェンムー メインテーマ ~Original Version~
From: Shenmue
11. Could Be (2:42) 
From: Crackin' DJ Part 2
12. Conquista Ciela (3:52) 
From: Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: Force
13. Soreike! Kokorojin (3:51) 
Japan それゆけ!ココロジン
EN: Way to go! Kokorojin
From: Soreike Kokology 2
14. I Feel So Good... (3:44) 
15. Night In H.A.P (5:15) 
Running time: 64:13


The album began development in late 2002, as part of a duo of solo albums for Takenobu Mitsuyoshi and Hiroshi Kawaguchi[2] (the latter of which wouldn't materialize until 2015). The album's existence was leaked by Hitmaker publicist and album producer Taku Sasahara as part of the celebration of the Hitmaker Sound Team Home Page's 1st anniversary.[3]

It was decided early on to be a compilation of Takenobu Mitsuyoshi's vocal works, as his voice had become his most identifying trait.[4] With the exception of the title Red Heat (灼熱, Shakunetsu), every proposed title for the album references his vocals, including The Vocal Cords of Glass (ガラスの声帯, Garasu no Seitai) and The Exploding Vocal Cords (爆発する声帯, Bakuhatsu suru seitai). The final title, From Loud 2 Low, references the high (loud) and low notes he could sing (as well being based on the expression "From (the) cradle to (the) grave".[5]

The selection of songs drew from Mitsuyoshi's entire vocal history up to that point, with the exception of "Shenmue". It was inluded on Taku Sasahara's request, but rather than adding new vocals to the song, Mitsuyoshi decided to keep it instrumental as a small showcase of his non-vocal works.[5] It was the only song not later be included in From Loud 2 Low Too: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Works. Another unusual inclusion is "I Just Smile" from Burning Rangers, which was originally sung by Tomoko Sasaki/Pamela Driggs. When Mitsuyoshi made a guest appearance on an episode of Wave Master's internet radio show Radio DC, he and the song's composer Naofumi Hataya discussed their history together, including a version of "I Just Smile" which Mitsuyoshi recorded at Sega's studio for a new engineer to work with.[6] He found it worthwhile to listen to, and the falsetto performance his strongest example of high (loud) notes.[7]

4 new songs were included. "Conquista Ciela"'s development was documented step-by-step via the Hitmaker Sound School section of their website, being chosen as it would also be a fitting live performance at an upcoming Virtual-On tournament.[8][9][10] "Way to go! Kokology", an arrangement of the song from Soreike Kokology 2, debuted at Crackin' DJ Part 2 Super Live, which was the first live appearance of H., and it proved so popular with event staff and viewers that it became a mainstay of the band's repertoire.[11] "I Feel So Good..." was originally composed shortly before development on Shenmue really ramped up in intensity, thereby killing Mitsuyoshi's wish of another original songs album in the style of Virtua Fighter 2 Dancing Shadows. It was later rediscovered on a Digital Audio Tape under the name "Funk1 orchestra", and was performed by H. at AOU Show 2003 as a preview of Takenobu Mitsuyoshi and Hiroshi Kawaguchi's upcoming albums.[12] "Night In H.A.P" was composed in-between the releases of Virtua Fighter 2 Dancing Shadows and Virtua Fighter 3 On The Vocal, but at the time was conceived as rock ballad more inspired by the sound of The Tubes, rather than an R&B number. The title is short for Night In Haneda Airport, a nod to the airport visible outside Takenobu Mitsuyoshi's window. The lyrics are descended from this, concerning a person boarding a flight at Haneda Airport while pondering various philosophical questions.[13]

Production credits

  • Mastering: Masami Kanda (Memory-Tech)
  • Distributor: HIPS (Hitmaker Interactive Products Store)
  • Manufacture: Hitmaker Records

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