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Dreamcast Magazine
Publisher: Paragon Publishing
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Backed systems: Sega Dreamcast
First issue date: 1999-09-xx
Last issue date: 2002-04-25
Number of issues: 34
Frequency: Monthly
Price: £2.99

The awkwardly titled Dreamcast Magazine was a Sega Dreamcast magazine sold in the United Kingdom. Despite not having the official Dreamcast license it managed to outlive all of its rivals, though due to its name it is often confused with the Official Dreamcast Magazine.

Most Dreamcast magazines went out of print around mid-2001 as the Dreamcast console was put to rest and Sega moved out of the hardware business. However, for the next few months games were still being released for the platform, and Dreamcast Magazine was one of the few publications left to review them. It did struggle in its later years to fill up the magazine with content however, so it went back and re-reviewed Dreamcast games from the past in an attempt to win over some last customers.

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