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Record label: Data Disc
Release Date RRP Code
£19.99[1] DATA002

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Shenmue is a vinyl album containing music from the Sega Dreamcast game, Shenmue.

Track list

A1. Shenmue - Sedge Tree (Original Version)

A2. Shenhua - Sedge Flower (Original Version)

A3. Encounter with Destiny

A4. Christmas on Dobuita Street

A5. The Sadness I Carry on My Shoulders

A6. Cherry Blossom Wind Dance

A7. Daily Agony

B1. Tears of Separation

B2. Dawn

B3. Snowy Scenery

B4. Separated from Yokosuka

B5. Departure for Hope

B6. The Place Where the Sun Sets (Version 2)

Physical scans

Shenmue Vinyl Box Front.jpg

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