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Stormlord title.png
Publisher: RazorSoft, Micro World (JP)
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
¥6,800[1] T-49113
Sega Mega Drive
$59.95[2] 56026

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Stormlord (ストームロード) is a sidescrolling action game developed for the Sega Mega Drive by RazorSoft. The Mega Drive version was only released in North America and Japan.


Cheat codes

When paused:

  • More lives: AAAACCBBBCA
  • More Time: BAAACUpUpUpAAA
  • Skip current level: CBBBAAAACCAAAA



Video game controversy, circa 1991.

Stormlord was controversial due to the inclusion of naked fairy statues. Sega refused to manufacture the cartridges until the graphics were censored and revoked RazorSoft's developer license in June 1991. RazorSoft then sued for breach of the Sherman Antitrust Act on the 22nd of July, as Sega refused to publish any of RazorSoft's titles. Sega then counter-sued both RazorSoft and Punk Development in August for copyright infringement and breach of contract, demanding the US courts issue a restraining order against RazorSoft[3][4].

The restraining order motion was denied by the courts, however Sega won the battle after RazorSoft admitted it had infringed its copyrights[5]. In the end, the game was censored and released with a license, and the North American cover art even proudly puts the censored graphic front and centre of one of its screenshots.

Uncensored versions made it to Winter CES 1991, and were reported by the gaming press prior to release (with Electronic Gaming Monthly apologising for the naked faries in its May 1991 issue[6]).

Curiously, Keeper of the Gates, the sequel to Stormlord was planned for release on the Sega Mega Drive, with Sega reportedly set to publish it.

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70 №17
60 №1992-03, p82
80 №1, p42-43[12]
82 №19, p166
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45 №19, p62-63[13]
57 №1, p80[14]
80 №23, p54
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