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TrueMotion is a audio/video compression format developed by the Duck Corporation. It was used by several video games as a medium-quality format for showing full motion video, particularly in Sega Saturn titles.

TrueMotion typically results in higher quality video than rival format Cinepak, the "standard" video format used in Saturn games of this era. It is, however, inferior to the MPEG compression utilised by the Video CD Card. The Sega Dreamcast has built-in MPEG support, rendering TrueMotion obsolete in the next generation of Sega console hardware.

TrueMotion was typically seen in games which full motion video played a relatively important role in the game; usually Japanese dating simulators or more novelty releases, or in introductory movies. In situations where video was less of a concern (or in earlier Saturn titles), Cinepak was seen as sufficient.

Games utilising TrueMotion