Virtua Fighter 2 vs. Tekken 2

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VF2vsT2 title.png
Virtua Fighter 2 vs. Tekken 2
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Number of players: 1-2

Virtua Fighter 2 vs. Tekken 2 is an unlicensed Sega Mega Drive fighting game. The name has been taken from box and cartridge designs - in game it refers to itself as V.R Fighter VS Taken2. Its creator is currently unknown.

As the name suggests, it is a crossover between characters from Sega AM2's Virtua Fighter 2 and Namco's Tekken 2, though for unknown reasons Bahn and Honey from Fighting Vipers are also playable. As expected, it is heavily influenced by Virtua Fighter 2 and Tekken 2, mimicking many of the stages and borrowing many sounds and music tracks. It does not, however, pull content from the Mega Drive port of Virtua Fighter 2 - only the Sega Saturn/Sega Model 2 version.


Virtua Fighter 2

  • Akira
  • Pai
  • Wolf
  • Leon
  • Shun

Tekken 2

  • Heihachi
  • Jun
  • Lee
  • Paul
  • Kazuya

Fighting Vipers

  • Bahn
  • Honey

Physical scans

Mega Drive,
VF2vsT2 MD Box Back.jpgNospine.pngVF2vsT2 MD Box Front.jpg
VF2vsT2 MD Cart.jpg
Mega Drive, Asian style cart

VF2vsT2 MD AS carttop.jpg
VF2vsT2 MD AS cartback.jpgVF2vsT2 MD AS cart.jpg