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XMen GG title.png
System(s): Sega Game Gear
Publisher: Sega
Licensor: Marvel Entertainment Group
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Game Gear
$44.9944.99[1] 2505
Videogame Rating Council: GA

X-Men is an action-platforming game for the Sega Game Gear. It is the first of the three 8-bit games developed by Sega consoles. The games share many gameplay mechanics and assets used by Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin as they were developed by the same team.

A Sega Master System GG2SMS hack was released in January 2017.


X-Men is a platforming action game. Button 1will make the character attack and button 2 can be used for jumping. Pressing Select button will active the character's special power. Holding down the Select button will pause the game.

Two difficult levels are avaiable: "Piece o'cake" and "I don't think so". Choosing the former will end the game after only four levels.

Playable characters

Wolverine is less than impressive in this game. He has regular health and his healing factor power takes too long to recover full health. His power also continously drains power if activated, even if it is not used. His claws can kill most normal enemies with two hits.

Mutant Power: Adamantium Claws, Healing Factor.

His mutant power drains power bar quite quickly and you will have to resort to you default attack most of the time. His optic blasts can be fired towards any direction by holding down then releasing the Button 1, which gives him some advantage when fighting some bosses.

Mutant Power: Optic blasts.

Second worst character in the game. Her mutant power is Psi-Blades, concentrated psionic energy that extends from her hands, giving her better damage output and increasing her range. Her power drains constantly while in use. She also has least amount of health compared to the other characters. She becomes playable after completing Brood Cave level.

Mutant Power: Psi-Blades.

Worst character in the game. While his mutant power is activated he can teleport. The pink cloud he leaves behind can damage enemies but this happens very rarely. He can also climb walls and ceilings while power is active. (Press Button 2 twice and hold the button) He doesn't have double jump, but jumps higher than other characters. He has very low power and health bar. Not recommended. He becomes avaiable after completing Hellfire Club level.

Mutant Power: Short range teleportation, climbing walls and ceilings

One of the better characters in the game. Rogue can fly and hit harder when her mutant power is active. (This drains her power even when not in use) She cannot double jump but her flying can somewhat compensate for that. She is the only character in the game that keeps her head low while crouching, allowing her to evade enemies with guns. She becomes avaiable after completing Madripoor level.

Mutant Power: Flight, Powerful melee attacks.

Storm is very similar to Rogue. Only difference is Storm also fires a projectile while her power is active. However, her power bar is lower than Rogue's and she drains her power somewhat faster than Rogue. She also cannot double-jump and cannot use her projectile power while in the air. She becomes playable after completing Morlock Tunnel level.

Mutant Power: Flight, Lightning projectile attacks.

Best character in the game. Iceman has the most health and power bar compared to the rest of the roster. His mutant power allows him to fire ice shards towards the enemies. He also drains his mutant power much slower than others.

Mutant Power: Ice shards.


Hellfire Club
Boss: Sebastian Shaw.

Shaw is immune to all types of attacks. He can only be damaged by luring him to the traps in the room.

Morlock Tunnels
Boss: Callisto

Callisto is quite has and has a staff attack. She will use hit and run attacks. Use ranged projectiles to defeat her.

Brood Cave
Boss: Brood Queen

Similar to Callisto, Queen is a fast and aggressive melee fighter. Projectile attacks are, again, the best bet.

The Savage Land
Boss: Sauron

Flies around with his wings and quite hard to beat. Use hit and run attacks, with projectiles if possible and stay away from edges of the arena.

Boss: Omega Red

Omega Red uses his carbonadium coils to engage from afar. Projectiles are useful as his reach will be longer than characters'.

Boss: Magneto

Magneto is invulnerable when he is surrounded by glowing energy. He is only vulnerable when he descends into ground to fire an energy blast. He is quite unpredictable with his moves. A flying or projectile firing character will be very useful for this final fight.

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Magazine articles

Main article: X-Men (Game Gear)/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

Print advert in Electronic Games (1992-1995) (US) #16: "January 1994" (1993-12-21)
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X-Men (Game Gear)

Game Gear, US
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Technical information

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System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Game Gear
CRC32 567a5ee6
MD5 21d75ed09b6f73037544894580933a0b
SHA-1 215e5f761475ca17a091371e39f636718f213403
512kB Cartridge (US)


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