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Sakae Osumi
Employment history:
Role(s): Producer
Education: Waseda University (Social Science)[1]

Sakae Osumi (大隅 栄え) was at first involved with the motion design and sound production for the Spikeout and Super Monkey Ball series.

Despite taking directorial roles for Planet Harriers and SpikeOut: Battle Street, Osumi would later move to London to join Sega Europe, where he remains to this day. In this time he has served as a director for the Sonic Rush series and a producer for Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

Osumi is also noted for writing the lyrics for Sonic Rush Adventure's title theme, "A New Venture."

Production history



  • CRUSH3D (2012) — Producer (Sega Europe)

Song credits

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Sonic Rush Adventure


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