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Road Rash II
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Electronic Arts (US, Europe), Electronic Arts Victor (Japan)
Distributor: Majesco Sales (US re-release)
Sound driver: Electronic Arts/Rob Hubbard
Genre: Racing[1][2]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
¥8,9008,900 EM20014
Sega Mega Drive
$49.9549.95[5] 714601
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
(EA Classics)
Sega Mega Drive
(EA Classics; ELSPA sticker)
Sega Mega Drive
(EA Classics)
USK: 0
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
£39.9939.99[7][6] E160SMX1
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Non-Sega versions

Road Rash II (ロードラッシュII) is a sequel to Road Rash and was released exclusively for the Sega Mega Drive in 1992.

A Sega Game Gear version was planned for December 1994[9] and even reviewed by some gaming magazines, but was cancelled for unknown reasons. There is a suggestion that this version was reworked to become the Game Gear version of Kawasaki Superbike Challenge.


Road Rash II, Split Screen.png

Two-player split screen

The game is a motorcycle racing game taking place in a number of settings across the United States, consisting of Hawaii, Arizona, Tennessee, Alaska, and Vermont. The player can choose from five courses and must finish in fourth place or higher among fourteen other racers. The bike steers with Left and Right. It accelerates with B and brakes with A. Higher-end bikes are equipped with nitrous oxide charges, which can provide a burst of speed if the player quickly taps B twice. The racer can attack neighboring opponents with C. Some opponents wield weapons such as clubs and chains, which can be taken and used by the racer if the opponent is attacked as they are holding the club out to strike. The racer can backhand opponents with Up+C or kick them with Down+C.

The racer begins the game with $1,000 and earns cash prizes for each successful race. The player can access a shop from the game's main menu, from which prize winnings can be used to purchase several bikes of differing weights, speeds, and steering capabilities. The player receives a password at the end of a successful race for continuing. The player advances to the next level after winning a race on all five courses. With each subsequent level, the cash prizes become higher, the courses become longer, and the opponents become more aggressive. The player wins the game by winning a race on each course in all five levels.

Race courses are littered with everything from hills to traffic to roadside obstacles that can hurt a competitor or the player, and since the races run in real time, crashing is costly. The racer is ejected from the bike after a crash or if the racer runs out of stamina (shown in the bottom-left corner of the screen) from fights with opponents. In this event, the racer automatically runs back toward the bike, though the player can alter their course and avoid incoming traffic with Left and Right or stand still by holding A. Stamina recovers over time. Opponents are likewise ejected from their bikes if their own stamina is depleted (shown in the bottom-right corner of the screen).

The bike has its own "damage meter" between the racer's and opponents' stamina meters, which decreases every time the racer suffers a crash. The bike is wrecked if the meter fully depletes, which ends the player's participation in the current race and deducts the cost of a repair bill from the racer's balance. Motor officers make sporadic appearances throughout the game's tracks, which can also end the player's participation if they apprehend the racer following a crash, also deducting the cost of a fine from their balance. If the racer lacks the funds to cover either a repair bill or a fine, the game ends.

The game features a two-player mode that can either be played intermittently between players or simultaneously with a split screen. Two players can either race against each other along with other computer-controlled racers (Split Screen) or compete as the only two racers on the track (Mano a Mano). In this mode, the players can select a weapon to wield prior to the start of the race, and no money is won or lost, though officers still appear as an obstacle and can end the race if they apprehend one of the players.


Bikes are divided into three classes, each progressively faster than the last.

Ultra Light

Road Rash II, Bikes, Ultra Light, Shuriken 400.png

Shuriken 400

Road Rash II, Bikes, Ultra Light, Panda 900.png

Panda 900

Road Rash II, Bikes, Ultra Light, Panda 500.png

Panda 500

Road Rash II, Bikes, Ultra Light, Banzai 7.11.png

Banzai 7.11

Road Rash II, Bikes, Ultra Light, Shuriken TT 250.png

Shuriken TT 250

Super Bikes

Road Rash II, Bikes, Super Bike, Panda 600.png

Panda 600

Road Rash II, Bikes, Super Bike, Shuriken 1000.png

Shuriken 1000

Road Rash II, Bikes, Super Bike, Banzai 600.png

Banzai 600

Road Rash II, Bikes, Super Bike, Diablo 1000.png

Diablo 1000

Road Rash II, Bikes, Super Bike, Banzai 750.png

Banzai 750

Nitro Class

Road Rash II, Bikes, Nitro Class, Banzai 600 N.png

Banzai 600 N

Road Rash II, Bikes, Nitro Class, Banzai 7.11 N.png

Banzai 7.11 N

Road Rash II, Bikes, Nitro Class, Banzai 750 N.png

Banzai 750 N

Road Rash II, Bikes, Nitro Class, Diablo 1000 N.png

Diablo 1000 N

Road Rash II, Bikes, Nitro Class, Shuriken 1000 N.png

Shuriken 1000 N


The game has five levels, each containing longer and more dangerous versions of the same courses.

Road Rash II, Tracks, Alaska.png

Gold Rush, Alaska

Road Rash II, Tracks, Tennessee.png

Smokin' Mountain, Tennessee

Road Rash II, Tracks, Vermont.png

Maple Run, Vermont

Road Rash II, Tracks, Hawaii.png

Molokai Express, Hawaii

Road Rash II, Tracks, Arizona.png

Hoodoo's Revenge, Arizona



The game re-released for the PlayStation Portable as part of the compilation EA Replay in 2006, along with the two other Mega Drive Road Rash games. It was also included in the Mega Drive Mini, released in 2019.

Production credits

  • Programming: Dan Geisler, Matthew Hubbard
  • Art: Arthur Koch, Matthew Sarconi, Keith Bullen, Peggy Brennan
  • Sound and Music: Rob Hubbard, Don Veca, Tony Berkeley
  • Production: Randy Breen
  • Technical Direction: Kevin McGrath
  • Production Assistant: Steve Murray
In-game credits
Road Rash II MD credits.pdf

  • Design: Randy Breen, Dan Geisler
  • Programming: Dan Geisler, Matthew Hubbard, Walt Stein
  • Art: Arthur Koch, Matthew Sarconi, Keith Bullen, Peggy Brennan
  • Producer: Randy Breen
  • Associate Producer: Steve Murray
  • Technical Director: Kevin McGrath
  • Sounds and Music: Rob Hubbard, Don Veca, Tony Berkeley
  • Product Management: Frank Gibeau
  • Package Design: E.J. Sarraille Design Group
  • Documentation/Character Development: J. Poolos
  • Documentation Layout: Corey Higgins
  • Track Layout & Testing: Steve Murray, Steve Matulac, Sheri Sarks, Jeff Glazier, Steve Imes, Yun Shin, Robert Zalot
  • Tools: Rod Ang, David Walter, Walt Stein
  • Quality Assurance: Terrence Chin, Kevin Hogan
  • Software Artist Photographer: Rosalind Delligatti
US manual
Road Rash 2 MD US Manual.pdf

Digital manuals

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Promotional material

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Road Rash II

Mega Drive, JP
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RoadRashII MD JP CartTop.jpg
RoadRashII MD JP Cart.jpg
Mega Drive, US
RoadRash2 MD US Box.jpg
RoadRashII MD US Cart.jpg
Road Rash 2 MD US Manual.pdf
Mega Drive, US (cardboard)
RoadRashII MD US cb back.jpgNospine.pngRoadRashII MD US cb front.jpg
RoadRashII MD US Cart Alt.jpg
Mega Drive, EU
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RoadRashII MD US Cart.jpg
Road Rash II MD EU Manual.jpg
Mega Drive, EU (Made In Taiwan Cart)
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Road Rash II MD EU Manual.jpg
Mega Drive, EU (EA Classics)
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Road Rash II MD EU Alt EA Classics Manual.jpg
Mega Drive, EU (EA Classics; ELSPA sticker)
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RoadRashII MD US Cart.jpg
Road Rash II MD EU Alt EA Classics Manual.jpg
Mega Drive, PT
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RoadRashII MD US Cart.jpg
Mega Drive, SE (Rental)

Mega Drive, AU
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Mega Drive, BR
RoadRashII MD BR cover.jpg
RoadRashII MD BR Cart.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Mega Drive
CRC32 7b29c209
MD5 c04a309f607aaf59f55eb8dad6affa73
SHA-1 6fa6420a2abcf5c2c4620c19b1f2a831996af481
1MB 1992-12 Cartridge (US/EU)
Sega Mega Drive
CRC32 876e992
MD5 062ed2f4e698bd8c61ebb1ee74a08d2b
SHA-1 9afea43ed627671b50dd4a2abdd043b235414b91
1MB 1992-12 Cartridge (US/EU) v1.2
Sega Mega Drive
CRC32 9a5723b6
MD5 98196408705f4520213ba1e43bef67f2
SHA-1 d89d7707cd4f30eef1fd2fd7e322d760ba8d6786
1MB 1993-07 Cartridge (JP)


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Road Rash II

RoadRashII MDTitleScreen.png

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