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Sega Smash Pack
System(s): Game Boy Advance
Publisher: Sega (Europe), THQ (US)
Distributor: Infogrames (Europe)
Game total: 3
Peripherals supported: Game Link Cable
Genre: Compilation

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Game Boy Advance
ESRB: Everyone
Game Boy Advance
aDeSe: 13+
Game Boy Advance
SELL: Tous Publics
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance
VET: 11+

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Sega Smash Pack is a compilation for the Game Boy Advance featuring ports of 3 Sega Mega Drive games: Sonic Spinball, Golden Axe, and Ecco the Dolphin. While the games are a little watered down, they play basically identically to the originals. Golden Axe lacks its cooperative 2-player mode, perhaps due to the logistics involved in implementing this (the games were always single-player only).


Ecco the Dolphin

Golden Axe

Sonic Spinball

The Smash Pack version of Sonic Spinball retains the gameplay of the Mega Drive game, but has a number of key omissions. Most of the music is absent, with the Toxic Caves theme playing across all stages (and bosses). The options screen and bonus levels, meanwhile, have no music at all, and what little music does exist in the game does not loop correctly. Many sound effects are also missing or are used in the wrong place, and the emerald jingle does not stop the main level's music when playing.

Audio as a whole is very inconsistent, with some sound effects playing quieter than others, and many, such as explosions, sounding noticeably distorted.

While the graphics are mostly the same as their Mega Drive counterparts, there are a number of layering issues, with sprites being drawn in the wrong order. Like the other two games in this compilation, Sonic Spinball is not optimised for the Game Boy Advance's smaller screen which makes levels trickier to navigate. This also means that in bonus stages, you are unlikely to see Sonic's friends being rescued, and the whole back screen of the table is obscured from view.

Production credits

Sega QA Department
  • Project Test Lead: Daniel Chang
  • Testers: Eric Gray, Phoenix Valencia, Patrick Goodspeed, Adam Zehring
THQ QA Department
In-game credits

  • Programming by: John Panettiere
  • Additional Artwork: Chris Meyer, Patrick Bradford, and John Panettiere
  • Producer: Daniel Rismann
  • Special Thanks: Michael Williams, Kyle Kessenich, Mark Bergo, Steven Moore, Jack Loh, Bill Ferrer, Robert Platt, Ron Williams, Sean Williams
  • Vice President-Product Development: Michael Rubinelli
  • Executive Producer: Brian Christian
  • Producer: Josh Austin
  • Director of Quality Assurance: Jeremy Barnes
  • QA Manager: Monica Vallejo
  • QA Technician: Mario Waibel
  • QA Database Administrator: Jason Roberts
  • Lead Tester: George Erwin
  • Testers: Philip Frantzis Herman Lee
  • Vice President-Marketing: Peter Dille
  • Group Marketing Manager: Alison Quirion
  • Associate Product Marketing Manager: Heather Hall
  • Director of Public Relations: Liz Pieri
  • Public Relations Manager: Reilly Brennan
  • Director of Creative Services: Howard Liebeskind
  • Senior Manager of Creative Services: Kathy Helgason
  • Associate Manager of Creative Services: Kirk Somdal
  • Special Thanks: Brian Farrell, Jeff Lapin, Alison Locke, Germaine Gioia, Brandy Carrillo, Robert Reilly, Christian Kenney, Ricardo Fisher, Gordon Madison, Jack Suzuki, Paul Rivas, Stacey Mendoza, Derek C. Smith
  • INFOGRAMES LONDON: Pascale Vermeerbergen, Cyril Voiron, Mathieu Piau, Vanessa Blasin, Jake Tombs, Pauline Nam, Daniel Warrington, Peter Thorne
  • INFOGRAMES LYON: Etienne Piquet-Gauthier, Emmanuelle Tahmazian, Vincent Hattenberger, Cecile Gillet, Jenny Clark Marie-Emilie Requien, Nadja Manseur, Rebecka Pernered, Sophie Wibaux, Caroline Fauchille, Olivier Robin, Vincent Laloy, Sebastien Aprikian, Stephane Calixte
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Sega Smash Pack

Game Boy Advance, US
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Game Boy Advance, EU
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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Game Boy Advance
CRC32 09310fec
MD5 d76d995cef14fce9129d8b7c9f049568
SHA-1 f3f48af79f6ccd3e10123acf87ccaeb4eb1c916d
8MB Cartridge (EU)
Game Boy Advance
CRC32 5c2e97ba
MD5 763fc686e0e12ddb53e0cf9c0f27854a
SHA-1 612a1a10c769beff1559f4fc81cd71366ee954b3
8MB Cartridge (US)

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Sega Smash Pack

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