PC-8800 series

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PC-8800 series
Manufacturer: NEC

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The PC-8800 series (PC-8800シリーズ) is a range of Japanese home computers manufactured between 1981 and 1989 by NEC.

The PC-8800 series began with the launch of the PC-8801, and was initially marketed as a high-end home computer by the firm (a cheaper alternative being the PC-6000 series). It is the more logical successor to the PC-8000 series.


Sega Support

Sega did not develop and publish for the PC-8800 series directly, but several of their arcade properties made it to the system through companies such as Dempa and Micronet. In the interests of simplicity, Sega Retro is treating all revisions of the hardware as one platform - for more in-depth coverage, see NEC Retro's coverage of the platform.

List of Sega games for the PC-8800 series

Other PC-8800 series games also released for Sega systems


PC-8801 mkII SR



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