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The Justifier
Made for: Sega Mega Drive, Sega Mega-CD
Manufacturer: Konami
Type: Miscellaneous
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Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive

The Justifier (サ・ジャスティファイアー) is a light-gun peripheral for the Mega Drive manufactured by Konami produced specifically for Lethal Enforcers. A version was also made for the Super NES.


The Justifiers are shaped like revolvers (and are modeled after the Colt Python revolver), but are brightly coloured due to early 90s fears that light guns could lead to gun crime. They are controversial peripherals for other reasons too - namely the fact that they are incompatible with some games reliant on the Menacer, as Konami wanted accurate light guns for the console ports of the game and felt that the existing first party light guns (the Menacer and Nintendo's Super Scope for the Super NES) were not adequate enough to replicate the arcade experience. This was not much of an issue in Japan, where the Menacer was never sold. Lethal Enforcers, its sequel and Snatcher are only compatible with The Justifiers, and thus all versions of the first Lethal Enforcers game came packaged with the peripheral.

The Mega Drive supports a maximum of two Justifier guns at once - the standard blue one, which plugs into controller port 2, and a pink one, which plugs into the blue Justifier with a 6-pin RJ-11 phone cord). The pink Justifier was only sold directly by Konami via a mail order offer. The pink Justifer is compatible with both, the Mega Drive and Super NES models of the blue Justifier. Because of this, the packaging for the second Justifier does not feature branding for either platform.

Like the Menacer and most other light-guns of the era, The Justifier relies on scanlines produced by CRT televisions, making them incompatible with newer LCD, Plasma or LED monitors.

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Magazine articles

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Physical scans

Mega Drive, JP
KonamiJustifier MD JP Box Top.jpg
KonamiJustifier MD JP Box Back.jpgKonamiJustifier MD JP Box Spine.jpgKonamiJustifier MD JP Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive, US
Justifier MD US Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive, EU
Justifier MD EU Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngJustifier MD EU Box Front.jpg


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