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Mega/Master Adaptor
Manufacturer: Dynacom
Made for: Sega Mega Drive
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Sega Mega Drive
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The Mega/Master Adaptor is a third-party accessory developed by Dynacom. It was most likely intended for the Dynacom Megavision clone console, however this results in it being compatible with the Sega Mega Drive. It was only released in Brazil.

The Mega/Master Adaptor is essentially a Power Base Converter minus the card slot (similar to the redesigned Master System Converter II). It is notable because in Brazil, it was released before Sega's official hardware (distributed by Tec Toy), yet is a much smaller and cheaper piece of hardware performing the same basic task. No Master System games on Sega Card were released in Brazil, making the extra features of the Power Base Converter useless to non-collectors.

The Mega/Master Adaptor is essentially a cartridge with a pause button built in. It is placed in the Mega Drive's cartridge slot, and allows the user to place Sega Master System games on top and run them through the Mega Drive console. Like all converters of this nature, it will not function with newer Mega Drive models such as the Genesis 3, because the hardware supporting backwards compatibility does not exist.

Like all of Dynacom's Sega products, the Mega/Master Adaptor was forced out of the market when Tec Toy started distributing Sega equipment.

Physical scans

Mega Drive, BR
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