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Manufacturer: Victormaxx
Made for: Sega Mega Drive
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Sega Mega Drive
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The StuntMaster is a "virtual reality" headset created by Victormaxx for the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. It is similar to Sega's plans for their unreleased Sega VR system, though no games were designed specifically for it. It was only released in North America.

The StuntMaster is essentially a large pair of goggles with two built-in LCD screens which project the image into each eye. As no 3D effects are implemented in the headset (and no games for either console supporting 3D output), it essentially acts as a TV. It requires its own power source which is provided with the unit.

The StuntMaster is notoriously difficult to set up without an instruction manual, and comes with some odd features such as an attached "CV" documenting the fictional "life" of the unit. It will not function with the Sega Mega Drive model 2 as it relies on the back DE-9 port of the model 1.

It is a very large and heavy unit which puts pressure on the front of the head, though there is also a clip which can attach to the player's shoulder to attempt to hold it upright (at the expense of being able to turn). Like Nintendo's Virtual Boy console (and numerous other attempts at "virtual reality"), prolonged use is not advised.

Some games are incompatible with the unit (mainly those which require light gun support), though a definitive list has not been created.

Promotional material

GamePro US 051.pdf

Print advert in GamePro (US) #51: "October 1993" (1993-xx-xx)

Physical scans

Mega Drive, US
StuntMaster US Box Back.jpgStuntMaster US Box Spine.jpgStuntMaster US Box Front.jpgStuntMaster US Box Spine2.jpg


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