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Manufacturer: Tianli
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The TLV-K981G is a VCD Player containing licensed Sega Mega Drive hardware that was distributed in China by Tianli. Games were distributed on Compact Discs known as "GAME VCDs", with each CD containing numerous games. Loading is not as instantaneous as cartridge, with the selected game presumably having to be loaded into internal memory before it can be played. The included Mega Drive hardware is largely independant of the VCD hardware, with the ability to output both simultaneously with two televisions connected. This would seem to be the first of many hybrid VCD/Mega Drive models by Tianli.


  • TLV-K981G game VCD Player
  • Play the game: The Japanese SEGA certified, fully compatible with SEGA games, its read speed, version upgrade unique advantage in today's domestic and foreign markets.
  • Cinema: Disc Lock password, power and memory, nine pictures, sound effects freely control the left and right channels switching, timing, format conversion, fast slow playback, frame by frame, freeze frame.
  • Listen to CD: sound effects freely control, screen display, free programming, up and down the index, pitch, volume control.
  • Karaoke OK: Bookmark play, the disc browsing, automatic pick to sing, free programming, mute, 16 tone, singles browsing, echo adjustment, channel switching, random screening, MIC control, freedom retreat.
  • Knowledge: screen / remote control whole Chinese display, AB repeat screenings, the menu returns, Previous / Next.

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