List of Master System games in Taiwan

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The following is a list of Sega Master System games released in Taiwan.

Title Release Date RRP Catalog Num. Rating
Action Fighter 19xx G-1305
Alex Kidd in Miracle World 1987 G-1306
Black Belt 19xx G-1303
Comical Machine Gun Joe 19xx K-317
F-16 Fighter 19xx K-313
Fantasy Zone 19xx G-1301
Ghost House 19xx K-319
Great Baseball 19xx K-309
Great Golf 19xx G-1313
Great Soccer 19xx K-307
Hang-On 19xx K-303
High School! Kimengumi 19xx G-1309
Hokuto no Ken 19xx G-1303
My Hero 19xx K-315
Pit Pot 19xx K-311
Pro Wrestling 1987 G-1302
Quartet 19xx G-1314
Secret Command 19xx G-1307
Space Harrier 19xx G-1310
Spy vs Spy 19xx K-321
Teddy Boy Blues 19xx K-301
The Ninja 19xx G-1308
TransBot 19xx K-305
World Grand Prix 19xx G-1304


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