Rey Casto Buzon

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Rey Casto Buzon
Employment history:
Role(s): Tester, Marketer, Manager

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Rey Casto Buzon is a businessman and former Sega of America Mastering Lab manager and marketing coordinator.


Rey Casto Buzon was first hired by Sega of America in April 2006, where he performed quality assurance on the games Chromehounds and Yakuza.[1] Soon, his dedication earned himself a promotion to the company's software mastering department - the Mastering Lab - as a general technician, where he would serve the next two years[1] until again being promoted to the department's supervisor. As supervisor, Buzon was the first point of contact between the mastering department and its affiliated third-party developers, and would remain in the role for almost seven years.[1]

Additionally, Buzon personally coordinated a significant number of Sega of America's modern trade show appearances and promotional announcements.[1]

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