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Master System 3
Manufacturer: Tectoy
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Sega Master System
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Sega Master System

The Master System 3 is a console released by Tectoy exclusively in Brazil in 2008. It is a continuation of the long-running Sega Master System line seen in the country, succeeding the line of "Master System 3 Collection" consoles (which in turn followed the "Master System III Compact"). Like the last two models of its predecessor, this Master System 3 lacks a cartridge slot, relying solely on built-in games. It has a shorter name and also opts for a radically changed design over previous consoles, presumed to be unique to Tectoy products.

Internally, it is likely the same as the Master System 3 Collection with 131 games, since they have the same menu saying "Master System 3 Collection 131 Super Jogos" and share the same list of games.

The Master System 3 comes with 131 built-in games (or so it claims), the same number as the last Master System 3 Collection console to be released. It also comes with two Sega Mega Drive-style six button control pads which plug into two DE-9 ports, although most of the buttons on the pads are redundant as the console has no built-in Mega Drive games.

Out of the 131 games included, the majority are Master System games and at least one game, Sonic Drift 2 is a Sega Game Gear release, but others are mobile games produced by Tectoy. This is a "console on a chip", so the Master System/Game Gear support is emulated. Little is known about Tectoy's consoles from this period - Tectoy made no effort to differentiate platforms when compiling software lists. Some games were included in the Tectoy Mega Drive 3.

The Master System 3 was replaced by the Master System Evolution in 2011. In 2016 Tectoy produced a limited batch of the Master System 3, this time with the blue controllers also bundled with the Master System Evolution.[3]

List of games

Master System

Game Gear


  • Acerte o Alvo
  • Aquaduto
  • Arqueiro
  • Ataque dos Vermes
  • Aventuras na Floresta
  • Batalha Animal
  • Batalha no Mar
  • Bolas e Cores
  • Bolhas
  • Bombeiros
  • Cava Cava
  • Creature Capture
  • Domine o Território
  • Dominó
  • Dr. Limpeza
  • Fábrica de Chocolate
  • Hexágonos
  • Hockey de Mesa
  • Icepost Rescue
  • Junte 4
  • Master Pinball
  • Master Pong
  • Memória Master
  • Mina Terrestre
  • Minerador
  • Nim
  • Os 12 trabalhos de Jongo
  • Outsiders
  • Palhaços
  • Pense Bem (10 Jogos)
  • Resta Um
  • Senha
  • Serpentes
  • Snowball
  • Sudoku
  • Tangram
  • Tanques

Physical scans

Master System, BR
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