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For the Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear game, see Disney's Aladdin (8-bit). For the 2020 aftermarket re-release, see Disney's Aladdin (iam8bit).


Aladdin Title.png

Disney's Aladdin
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Sega, Ballistic (US re-release)
Supporting companies:
Distributor: Majesco Sales (US re-release)
Licensor: The Walt Disney Company
Sound driver: GEMS
Genre: Action[2][3]

Number of players: 1
Official in-game languages:
  • English
  • 日本語
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Mega Drive
    ¥7,8007,800 G-4111
    Sega Mega Drive
    $59.9959.99[5] 1058
    Videogame Rating Council: GA
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    DM 120120[9] 1058
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    £44.9944.99[7][8] 1058
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    $129.95129.95[10] FALA00SMC
    OFLC: G
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    GM 93049JG
    Sega Mega Drive
    Non-Sega versions

    Disney's Aladdin, more commonly known as Aladdin (アラジン), is a platform game developed by Virgin Interactive and released for the Sega Mega Drive in 1993. It is based on the 1992 Disney movie of the same name. It is one of the best-selling Mega Drive games with four million copies sold.[11]

    The game is different from other games based on the film, including Disney's Aladdin for the Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear, developed by Sims. Another version was developed by Capcom for the Super NES (and later Game Boy Advance), as they held the rights to develop Disney-licensed games for the Super NES.


    The game follows the story of the film, which is an adaptation of the story of Aladdin from Arabian Nights. Street urchin Aladdin survives by stealing food from the marketplace in the city of Agrabah. Princess Jasmine, upset at the prospect of an arranged marriage, escapes the palace and meets Aladdin when he saves her from an angry merchant. Meanwhile, Jafar, the Royal Vizier, seeks a magical lamp hidden in the Cave of Wonders. After consulting the Sands of Time, he learns that only Aladdin can enter the cave and retrieve the lamp. Jafar plots to manipulate Aladdin into obtaining the lamp for him.


    Aladdin MD, Store.png

    The Peddler

    The game is a side-scrolling platformer in which the player controls Aladdin in stages that follow the plot of the Disney film. The goal of each stage varies: some stages involve collecting pieces of the Golden Scarab, some only require reaching the end, and some have a boss fight. Aladdin moves with Left and Right, can duck with Down, and can jump with C. He can attack enemies by slashing them at short range using a scimitar with B or by pelting them with apples at long range with A. Apples are a finite resource but can be collected in abundant amounts throughout the game. Aladdin can grab onto ropes, clotheslines, and poles with Up. He can climb up ropes with Up and descend them with Down. He can use his scimitar and throw apples while ducking, jumping, or on ropes. Aladdin slashes four times around himself by pressing Up+B.

    Aside from apples, Aladdin can collect gems, which are traded with the Peddler in some stages for extra lives and "wishes" (continues) by standing in front of the desired item and pressing Up. Aladdin can also find Abu and Genie Tokens, which allow him to play a bonus game after the current stage ends.

    Aladdin's health is indicated by a trail of smoke emanating from the Genie's lamp on the top-left corner of the screen. The trail shortens whenever Aladdin is harmed by an enemy or a stage hazard. Health can be restored by collecting blue Genie Hearts scattered throughout the stages. If Aladdin runs out of health, the player loses a life. The game ends if the player runs out of lives, but it can be continued if the player has continues remaining. The game has three difficulty levels (Practice, Normal, and Difficult), which affect the amount of lives and apples Aladdin is equipped with at the start of the game.


    Items can be collected by touching them with Aladdin or hitting them with his scimitar.

    Aladdin MD, Items.png
    Thrown by Aladdin as a ranged attack. Apples are limited and can be collected throughout the stages, up to a maximum of 99.
    Aladdin MD, Items.png
    Apple Slice
    Collect four slices to add up to one apple. These are found in the Rug Ride stage.
    Aladdin MD, Items.png
    Exchanged for extra lives or "wishes" (continues) with the Peddler, who appears in some of the stages.
    Aladdin MD, Items.png
    Genie Heart
    Replenishes some of Aladdin's health.
    Aladdin MD, Items.png
    Black Lamp
    Destroys all nearby enemies.
    Aladdin MD, Items.png
    Blue Vase
    Checkpoint where Aladdin is revived after losing a life.
    Aladdin MD, Items.png
    Awards the player with an extra life.
    Aladdin MD, Items.png
    Abu Token
    Collect to play the Abu bonus stage after the current stage is completed.
    Aladdin MD, Items.png
    Genie Token
    Collect for a spin in the Genie bonus stage after the current stage is completed.
    Aladdin MD, Items.png
    Scarab Pieces
    Aladdin finds one piece of the Scarab in the Desert and obtains the second piece from the thief Gazeem in Agrabah. The Scarab is used to enter the Cave of Wonders.
    Aladdin MD, Items.png
    Collecting a flute causes a magical rope to appear in the Agrabah Rooftops stage.


    Aladdin MD AgrabahMarket.png

    Agrabah Market
    "Street rat" Aladdin makes his way through the streets of Agrabah as the royal vizier Jafar (with his parrot Iago) plots to steal a magical lamp from the Cave of Wonders. Aladdin runs into Princess Jasmine, disguised as a commoner, and develops a bond with her. The music for this stage is "Prince Ali."

    Aladdin MD Desert.png

    The Desert
    Jafar approaches Aladdin disguised as an elderly beggar and convinces him to find a half of the Golden Scarab in the desert, promising him untold riches from the Cave of Wonders. The Scarab is a magical artifact that, when its two pieces are combined, opens the way to the Cave of Wonders. The Scarab piece flies away the first two times that Aladdin touches it, but the stage ends when Aladdin finds it a third time.

    Aladdin MD AgrabahRooftops.png

    Aladdin MD, Stage 3 Boss 1.png

    Aladdin MD, Stage 3 Boss 2.png

    • Aladdin MD AgrabahRooftops.png

    • Aladdin MD, Stage 3 Boss 1.png

    • Aladdin MD, Stage 3 Boss 2.png

    Agrabah Rooftops
    Aladdin searches the streets and rooftops of Agrabah for Gazeem the Thief, who holds the second piece of the golden Scarab. After defeating him, Aladdin fights Razoul, the Captain of the Guards. Aladdin must find floating flutes to cause magic ropes to appear from the pots of the snake charmers. He can hang from these ropes as they carry him into the air. The music for this stage is "One Jump Ahead."

    Aladdin MD SultansDungeon.png

    Sultan's Dungeon
    After collecting both pieces of the Scarab, Aladdin is ambushed by palace guards and thrown into the dungeon, over the protests of Princess Jasmine. The music for this stage is "Arabian Nights."

    Aladdin MD CaveofWonders.png

    Aladdin MD, Stage 5 Boss.png

    Aladdin MD, Stage 5 Ending.png

    • Aladdin MD CaveofWonders.png

    • Aladdin MD, Stage 5 Boss.png

    • Aladdin MD, Stage 5 Ending.png

    Cave of Wonders
    Aladdin escapes from the dungeon and meets with the beggar again. Jafar, as the beggar, uses the Scarab to gain entrance to the Cave of Wonders and sends Aladdin into the cave to retrieve the lamp, where he is warned not to touch anything but the lamp. Destroying the monkey statues holding gems causes platforms to appear or opens new pathways. After fighting the four-armed Shiva Monkey, a magic carpet appears and takes Aladdin to the final ascent to the lamp.

    Aladdin MD Escape.png

    The Escape
    Aladdin's pet monkey Abu touches the forbidden treasure, causing the cave to collapse around them. They must now escape the cave before they are buried alive in it.

    Aladdin MD RugRide.png

    Rug Ride
    Aladdin rides the magic carpet out of the cave as a wave of hot lava chases them. Genie hands point out the safe path to avoid boulders.

    Aladdin MD InsidetheLamp.png

    Inside the Lamp
    Aladdin and Abu are trapped inside the cave before they can escape, when they are sucked into the surreal world of the genie's lamp. The music for this stage is "Friend Like Me."

    Aladdin MD SultansPalace.png

    Aladdin MD, Stage 9 Boss.png

    • Aladdin MD SultansPalace.png

    • Aladdin MD, Stage 9 Boss.png

    Sultan's Palace
    The genie helps Aladdin escape from the Cave of Wonders, and they race to the Sultan's Palace. Aladdin must rescue Abu by hitting the bottom of his cage. Aladdin fights Iago, Jafar's parrot and henchman, who is running a storm machine that summons ghosts.

    Aladdin MD JafarsPalace.png

    Aladdin MD, Stage 10 Boss 1.png

    Aladdin MD, Stage 10 Boss 2.png

    • Aladdin MD JafarsPalace.png

    • Aladdin MD, Stage 10 Boss 1.png

    • Aladdin MD, Stage 10 Boss 2.png

    Jafar's Palace
    Jafar seizes the lamp while Aladdin is distracted by Iago and uses it to take over the palace and become a powerful sorcerer. Aladdin must defeat him and banish him.

    Bonus stages

    Bonus stages are played after the current stage is completed if the player has collected the appropriate tokens.

    Aladdin MD, Bonus Stage, Genie.png

    The Genie bonus stage is played by collecting Genie icons in the stage. It is similar to a slot machine and cycles through items. The player can stop it by pressing A, B, or C. If it lands on an item, the player receives it: five apples, a gem, an extra life. If it lands on Jafar, the player loses all remaining spins. Each Genie icon collected gives the player one turn.

    Aladdin MD, Bonus Stage, Abu.png

    Aladdin MD, Bonus Stage, Abu in Cave.png

    • Aladdin MD, Bonus Stage, Abu.png

    • Aladdin MD, Bonus Stage, Abu in Cave.png

    Three of the stages (both of the Agrabah stages and the Cave of Wonders) contain an Abu token, which allows the player to play the Abu bonus stage. The player controls Aladdin's pet monkey Abu, who controls similarly to Aladdin: Left and Right move, B swings his scimitar, and C jumps. Abu swings his scimitar in a circle that attacks all around him. Abu can collect apples, gems, and extra lives. Pots or rocks fall and other obstacles and enemies try to harm Abu. If Abu is hit, the bonus stage ends.



    Main article: Disney's Aladdin/Development.


    In 2019, Aladdin was re-released as part of Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch alongside several versions of The Lion King. The compilation includes the original Mega Drive version, along with the June 27th prototype build (named the "Demo Version"), the Japanese version, and a "Final Cut" version which is a modified version of the Mega Drive game with many bug fixes, camera adjustments and other tweaks to improve gameplay, with the goal of representing "potential changes that the development team may have implemented had they had more time". The Game Boy version is also included in monochrome and "colour" (simulating the game as if it were inserted into a Game Boy Color).


    Aside from text translations, the game is identical in all regions from a content's point of view. The PAL version, like most other Virgin Games releases, was optimized in terms of music speed but not gameplay speed. Forcing the game into 60 Hz mode makes the music play too fast.

    The game was ported to the Amiga, Game Boy, IBM PC, NES, and Game Boy Color.

    Production credits

    Virgin Games Credits
    • Programming & Project Management: David Perry
    • Animation Engine by: David Perry
    • Development Tools by: Andy Astor Services, Rob Northern Computing, Cross Products Ltd., Todd Robertson, Echidna
    • Animation Directed by: Mike Dietz
    • Assistant Animators: Shawn Mclean, Clarke Sorenson, Roger Hardy, Edward Schofield, Jeff Etter, Allyn Welty, Tom Tanaka
    • Background Art by: Christian Laursen, Nick Bruty, Steve Crow
    • Presentation Art by: Edward Schofield, Lin Shen
    • Sound, Music & FX: Tommy Tallarico, Don Griffin
    • Digital Sampling: Steve Henifin
    • Director of Design: David Bishop
    • Levels Design by: Bill Anderson, Tom Tanaka, Seth Mendelsohn
    • Consulting Animation Producer: Andy Luckey
    • Image Processing: Metrolight Studios
    • V.P. of Production: Dr. Stephen H. Clarke-Willson
    • Produced by: Robb Alvey
    • Executive Producer: Neil Young
    • Production Coordinator: Christina Camerota
    • Original Design by: David Bishop, Seth Mendelsohn, Mike Dietz, Mark Yamada, David Perry
    • Assistant Producers: Mike Glosecki, Ken Love, Craig Warmsley
    • Marketing & P.R.: Debbie Brajevich, Robin Kausch
    • Focus Testing: Debbie Brajevich
    • QA Manager: Adam Ryan
    • Lead Analyst: Jared Brinkley
    • Product Analysts: Chris McFarland, Scott Manning, Paul Schoener, Mitch Feldman, David Fries, Lyndon Dole and Virgil the Cat
    • Produced by: Patrick Gilmore
    • Technical Director: Ron Fortier
    • Licensing Brand Management: Cathy Fortier, Sue Fuller
    • Public Relations Management: Kirk Green
    • CES Event Management: Tom Bisignano, Spence Bovee, Helen Fillman, Andrew Henry, Will Kassoy, R.K. Little, Chase Senge
    • Quality Assurance Leader: John Santos
    • Product Analysts: Stewart Irel, Roger Kung, Chris McNulty, Amy Steiner, Joe Santos
    • Storyboards: John Fiorito
    • Production Support: Fred Weimer
    Disney Feature Animation Credits:
    • Directed by: Barry Cook
    • Produced by: Paul Curasi
    • Secretary to the Producer: Annette Laguer
    • Artistic Coordinator: Ruben Procopio
    • Production Specialist: Chuck Williams
    • Animators: Tom Bancroft, Travis Blaise, Phil Boyd, Tony Cipriano, Rob Corley, Tim Hodge, Jim Jackson, Alex Kupershmidt, Anthony Michaels, Barry Temple
    • Clean-Up Coordinator: Jeanie Lynd Sorenson
    • Clean-Up Artists: Paulo Alvarado, Brian Beauchamp, Rachel Bibb, Eliott Bour, Sam Ewing, Tracy Lee, Kellie Lewis, Tamara Lusher, Mario Menjivar, Monica Murdock, Keith Newton, Sherrie Sinclair, Bryan Sommer
    • Head of Effects: Jeff Dutton
    • Effects Artists: Mike Duhatschek, Jason Francoeur, Troy Gustafson, John Hailey, Joe Pepe, Paitoon Ratan, Tony West
    • Color Models: Irma Cartaya
    • Animation/Final Check: Pam Darley
    • Special Thanks to: Peter Adee, Martin Alper, Richard Branson, Ron Clements, Robert Devereux, Shannyn Gardner, Justin Heber, Tom Kalinske, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Bob Lambert, Bob Levin, Alan Menken, Steve McBeth, John Musker, Amy Pell, Marc Teren, Shinobu Toyoda
    Disney Characters, Artwork & Music © 1993, The Walt Disney Company
    © 1993 Sega Disney's Aladdin
    In-game credits
    Aladdin MD credits.pdf

    • Final Cut Programming & Design: Rich Whitehouse
    In-game credits (Final Cut)
    Aladdin Final Cut MD credits.pdf

    Virgin Games Credits
    • Sound, Music & FX: Alan Menken
    • Vice President of Development: Stephen Clarke-Willson
    • Coordinators: Robin Kausch
    Sega of America Credits
    US manual
    Aladdin MD US manual.pdf


    Magazine articles

    Main article: Disney's Aladdin/Magazine articles.

    Promotional material

    Main article: Disney's Aladdin/Promotional material.

    Physical scans

    Sega Retro Average 
    Publication Score Source
    95 [15]
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    Sega Mega Drive
    Based on
    5 reviews
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    1700 igr dlya Sega (RU)
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    Disney's Aladdin

    Mega Drive, JP
    Aladdin MD JP Box.jpg
    DisneysAladdin MD JP CartTop.jpg
    Aladdin MD JP Cart.jpg
    Aladdin MD JP Manual.pdf
    Mega Drive, US
    Aladdin MD US Box.jpg
    Aladdin MD US CartTop.jpg
    Aladdin MD US Cart Back.jpgAladdin MD US Cart.jpg
    Aladdin MD US manual.pdf
    Aladdin MD US pcb.jpg
    Mega Drive, US (alt)
    Aladdin MD US Box Alt.jpg
    Aladdin MD US CartTop.jpg
    Aladdin MD US Cart Back.jpgAladdin MD US Cart.jpg
    Aladdin MD US Alt Cover Manual.jpg
    Aladdin MD US Alt Cover Manual Back.jpg
    Manual Back
    Mega Drive, US (Not For Resale Cart)

    Aladdin MD US NotForResale Cart.jpg
    Mega Drive, US (cardboard) (Majesco Sales)
    Aladdin MD US Box Back Cardboard.jpgAladdin MD US Box Spine Cardboard.jpgAladdin MD US Box Front Cardboard.jpg
    Aladdin MD US CartTop Cardboard.jpg
    Aladdin MD US CartBack Cardboard.jpgAladdin MD US Cart Cardboard.jpg
    Aladdin MD US Box Manual Cardboard.jpg
    Mega Drive, EU (Made in Japan)
    Aladdin MD EU Box.jpg
    Aladdin MD EU Cart.jpg
    Aladdin MD EU Manual.jpg
    Mega Drive, EU (Assembled in UK)
    Aladdin MD EU Box Alt.jpg
    Aladdin MD EU Cart.jpg
    Aladdin MD EU Manual.jpg
    Aladdin MD EU alt pcb.jpg
    Mega Drive, FR

    Disney's Aladdin MD FR Manual.pdf
    Mega Drive, FR (Blister pack)
    Aladdin MD FR blister back.jpgAladdin MD FR blister front.jpg
    Mega Drive, PT

    Mega Drive, SE rental (HENT orange)
    Aladdin MD SE rental cover.jpg
    Mega Drive, AU
    Aladdin MD AU Box.jpg
    Aladdin GEN AU Manual.pdf
    Mega Drive, AU (Sega Platinum Collection)
    Aladdin MD AU Box Platinum.jpg
    Aladdin GEN AU Manual.pdf
    Mega Drive, BR
    Aladdin MD BR Box.jpg
    Aladdin MD BR Cart Top.jpg
    Aladdin MD BR Cart.jpg
    Aladdin md br manual.pdf
    Mega Drive, KR
    Aladdin MD KR cover.jpg
    Aladdin MD KR cart.jpg
    Mega Drive, Asia PAL
    Aladdin MD AS Box.jpg
    Aladdin MD AS Manual English.jpg
    Mega Drive, Asia NTSC
    Aladdin MD AS NTSC Box.jpg
    Aladdin MD AS Manual English.jpg

    Technical information

    Main article: Disney's Aladdin/Technical information.

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    The Jungle Book (1993) | Disney's Aladdin (1994) | The Lion King (1994) | Ariel the Little Mermaid (1996)
    Sega Pico
    Math Antics with Disney's 101 Dalmatians (1994) | Pocahontas Riverbend Adventures (1995) | The Lion King: Adventures at Pride Rock (1995) | Nurie Daisuki! Dumbo no Waku Waku Circus! (1997) | Peter Pan Neverland e Ikou! (1997) | Shirayukihime (1999) | Disney Princesses: Princess ni Naritai (2003) | Disney Princesses: Ariel (2004) | Disney Princesses: Suteki ni Lesson! Hiragana-Katakana (2004) | Hercules (unreleased) | Pinocchio (unreleased)
    Sega Dreamcast
    Disney's Dinosaur (2000)
    Unlicensed games based on Disney animated films for Sega systems
    Sega Mega Drive
    The Lion King II (1996?) | The Lion King 3 (1997?) | Hua Mu Lan: Mulan (1998) | Aladdin II (1998?) | Hercules 2 (1999) | Aladdin 2001 (2001)