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OutRun Online Arcade
Publisher: Sega
System(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Racing

Release Date RRP Code
Xbox 360
Xbox 360
(Trial Game)
Xbox 360
Xbox 360
(Trial Game)
Xbox 360
Xbox 360
(Trial Game)
Xbox 360
Xbox 360
(Trial Game)
Sony PlayStation 3
Sony PlayStation 3

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OutRun Online Arcade is a download-only racing game developed by Sumo Digital and published by Sega for the Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade) and PlayStation 3 (PlayStation Network). The PS3 version was exclusive to Europe.

The game is based upon OutRun 2 and is the most recent game in the OutRun series.

The game was de-listed from the PlayStation Network in October 2010 while the Xbox Live Arcade version was scheduled to be de-listed in December of 2011[7] although it was finally de-listed in January of 2012. The title was de-listed because of expiring contracts with Ferrari.



Single Player

OutRun Mode: "Try to reach the goal with your girlfriend." In this mode you drive around trying to reach one of the five goals by driving through various stages of your choosing while avoiding traffic and passing all rivals in your way to get a high score.

Heart Attack Mode: "Try to get as many "HEARTS" as possible by meeting your girlfriend's demands." In this mode you drive around fulfilling any and all of your girlfriend's requests while driving though the various stages of your choosing so you can collect hearts from her.

Time Attack Mode: "Drive against the Ghost Car and challenge for the course record!!" In this mode you drive around trying to set stage records while driving around various stages of your choosing.

Outrun Mode 15 continuous course: "Try to reach the goal with your girlfriend." This mode is recommended for experts as it is a long distance to the goal for you are going to drive through all fifteen stages. You will be driving from "Sunny Beach" to "Skyscrapers" all while avoiding traffic and passing all your rivals to work towards a high score.

Time Attack Mode 15 continuous course: "Challenge the course record." This mode is recommended for experts as it is a long distance to the goal for you are going to drive through all fifteen stages. In this time attack mode you will be driving from "Sunny Beach" to "Skyscrapers" while trying to set a record.


In Multiplayer mode you can challenge other players in up to six person lobbies in courses A-E, Outrun Mode, or 15 course continuous mode.


View the worlds top Outrunners and look at the global scores and times as well of those of your friends in courses A-E as well as 15 course continuous in Outrun Mode, Heart Attack Mode and Time Trials.


Only for the Xbox 360 version of the game. View your various achievements in Outrun Online Arcade.

Help & Options

You can adjust the various game options here. You can view how to play the game, change control methods, sensitivity, and vibration for your controller or change the brightness, how the camera works, whether the speedometer is Km/h or Mph, the difficulty of the game (Which adds or reduces the amount of time you have), or if you want Ghost cars on or off. You can also change the volume of the sound effects and music in the Audio Controls.

In the Xbox 360 version you can exit the game and return to your Game Library by pushing the B button on the main screen while on the PlayStation 3 version you can send invitations using the triangle button.


Sunny Beach: A beach between the city and the ocean. Some basic turns here and there.

Bay Area: A bridge over the ocean followed by mountains and a bit of the city.

National Park: An area with many trees as well as some small stone bridges. Many turns are in this area.

Water Falls: A grassy area near a bridge with huge waterfalls that leads into a tunnel next to some mountains and part of a city.

Big Forest: A heavily wooded area with knocked over trees everywhere as well as a giant tree with part of itself carved out for you to drive through.

Canyon: A canyonous area in the desert. This area has a lot of tricky turns.

Lost City: A mist heavy area in the mountains with small cottages here and there along with some ancient structures about.

Casino Town: A city at night with neon lights everywhere. There are some sharp turns as well as some Sonic the Hedgehog cameos.

Ice Scape: An arctic area where an oil refinery is. Sharp turns and some tunnels are in this area.

Jungle: A lush jungle with lots of turns and many rocks. A waterfall and a rainbow are in the background.

Giant Statues: A clean cut area with many cottages and Easter Island-like statues everywhere as well as palm trees darted about. A crowd cheers you on if this is your final stage.

Legend: A dirt area surround by ancient structures and tunnels at dusk. You and your girlfriend drive up to a structure alone if this is your last stop.

Floral Village: A village with cottages surrounded by followers and cherry blossom trees. A stone bridges leads the way to the end of the village. A crowd cheers your arrival as cherry blossoms are scattered around if this is your last stage.

Milky Way: A starry city at night with giant buildings during a meteor shower with tons of turns in the area. A crowd cheers you on as a rocket shuttle lifts off if you end your journey at this stage.

Skyscrapers: A city of skyscrapers at dawn that ends at the Statue of Liberty. Confetti continually rains down in front of a gigantic crowd if you end with this stage.

Stage Layout

Stage Number Goal name
1 2 3 4 5
Giant Statues A
Lost City
Water Falls Legend B
Bay Area Casino Town
Sunny Beach Big Forest Floral Village C
National Park Ice Scape
Canyon Milky Way D
Skyscrapers E


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Downloadable content

Release Distribution Date RRP
Launch Trailer (HD)
Xbox 360: US US: 2009-04-27[3]
Launch Trailer (HD)
Xbox 360: US, UK US: 2009-04-27[3]
EU: 2009-04-27[5]
UK: 2009-04-27[4]
AU: 2009-04-27[6]
Beach Art Theme
Xbox 360: US, UK US: 2009-04-16[3]
EU: 2009-04-16[5]
UK: 2009-04-16[4]
AU: 2009-04-16[6]
US: 50[3]pts EU: 50[5]pts UK: 50[4]pts AU: 50[6]pts
Announcement Trailer (HD)
Xbox 360: US US: 2009-04-15[3]
Drift Theme
Xbox 360: US, UK US: 2009-04-15[3]
EU: 2009-04-15[5]
UK: 2009-04-15[4]
AU: 2009-04-15[6]
US: 50[3]pts EU: 50[5]pts UK: 50[4]pts AU: 50[6]pts
ClassicCharacters Picture Pack
Xbox 360: US, UK US: 2009-04-15[3]
EU: 2009-04-15[5]
UK: 2009-04-15[4]
AU: 2009-04-15[6]
US: 80[3]pts EU: 80[5]pts UK: 80[4]pts AU: 80[6]pts

Magazine articles

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Promotional material


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Press release


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