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OutRun 2
System(s): Xbox
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1-8
Release Date RRP Code
¥6,800 (7,140)6,800 (7,140)[1] V3N-00002
CERO: Free
¥6,800 (7,140)6,800 (7,140)[1] V3N-00001
CERO: Free
$39.9939.99[2] ABG-00001
ESRB: Everyone
PEGI: 3+
USK: 0
PEGI: 3+
PEGI: 3+
$99.9599.95 INL-X05401-AU

OutRun 2 (アウトラン2) for the Xbox is an entry in the OutRun series of games. Despite its name and contrary to popular belief, it is not a straight port of the arcade game OutRun 2, instead building on the content seen in OutRun 2's upgrade, OutRun 2 SP. It was created by Sumo Digital and released for the console in 2004.



Outrun 2 offers a variety of game modes for single or multiple players. Each game mode also determines which girl you will ride with.

Outrun Arcade

Lets you play the main Outrun 2 arcade game.

  • Outrun Mode
Drive from start to the goal line while driving through any route of your choice.
  • Heart Attack Mode
Plays like a regular game of Outrun 2 with additional challenges your girlfriend presents to you. During a small section of the track, you'll be given the task to drift, pass cars, and other challenges to up your heart rank. You'll earn either ranks ranging from E, D, C, B, A, AA and AAA.
  • Time Attack Mode
Pick a goal to drive to and drive to the finish for the best time.

Outrun Challenge

Features several console-exclusive features such as additional challenges and multiplayer.

  • Outrun Missions
Each path on the map gives you a number of challenges
  • Party Missions
Up to four players on one console take turns competing in a custom or randomly set matches.
  • Outrun Race
Race against others.
  • Rival Race
Race against a CPU player on any unlocked course.
  • Time Trials
Race from start to finish on any of the 16 stages either normal or reversed, or through any of the 16 possible routes.
  • System Link
Up to eight consoles/players can play on specified race courses. Outside of friend lists, it offers the same set of features as the Outrun Xbox Live mode.

Outrun Xbox Live

Up to eight players can play online through custom matches or Time Attack score challenges. You can also download ghost data of the best times from the leaderboards. Because Microsoft discontinued their Xbox Live services for their first Xbox console, this feature is no longer available.


Completing certain challenges will unlock a card that features an element from Outrun 2, Ferrari branded cars or merchandise with some facts. There are 142 cards total.


OutRun 2 on the Xbox retains all the cars from the arcade OutRun 2 and OutRun 2 SP, but adds two new ones.

F355 Spider
The F355 Spider (1995-1999) is similar, but not the same car used in F355 Challenge - the Spider is a soft-top model less equipped to deal with the racing environment.
328 GTS
The 328 GTS (1985-1989).



This OutRun 2 collates the contents of the arcade OutRun 2 and OutRun 2 SP while adding new modes and features, such as 101 "missions", a "heart attack" mode and 8-player online support through Xbox Live, system link or up to four player hotseat. It also adds two extra cars (the F355 Spider and 328 GTS) and a course based on tracks in the Sega Model 3 game Scud Race, as well as one based on tracks from Daytona USA 2: Power Edition.

Aside from working with the same base assets, it is completely unrelated to the PlayStation 2 port of OutRun 2 SP - the PlayStation 2 game, which was also handled by Sumo Digital, is mostly identical to the arcade game.

This version of OutRun 2 was followed by the multi-platform OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast, also developed by Sumo Digital.

Production credits

  • Chief Operations Officer: Carl Cavers
  • Technical Director: Paul Porter
  • Creative Director: Darren Mills
  • Project Manager: Mark Glossop
  • Senior Designer: Sean Millard
  • Lead Programmer: Philip Rankin
  • Programmers: Tom Sedden, Chris Rea, Ashley Bennett, Ali Davidson, Sean Davies
  • Lead Artist: John Hackleton
  • Artists: Dominic Hood, Andy Ritson, Mark Sweeney, Richard Simmons, John Stopforth
  • Graphic Designer: Chantal Beaumont
  • Designer: Steve Lycett, Travis Ryan, Colin Stone
Sega Japan
  • President/Chief Operating Officer: Naoya Tsurumi
  • Managing Director: Michael Hayes
  • Executive Vice President - Development: Jin Shimazaki
  • Senior Producer: Ben Gunstone
  • Assistant Producer: Warren Leigh
  • European Marketing Director: Matthew Woodley
  • European Product Manager: Mark Fisher
  • European Marketing Manager: Gary Knight
  • PR Executive: Stefan McGarry
  • UK Sales Director: Alan Pritchard
  • Export Product Manager: Ben Chalmers-Stevens
  • European Partnerships/Trade Marketing Manager: Suzanne Egleton
  • Head of Export Sales: Alison Gould
  • SOE QA Supervisor: Darius Sadeghian
  • SOE Team Lead: Dwayne Buck
  • SOE Lead Tester: Justyn McLean
  • SOE Testers: Justin Shehta, Femi Sani, Mohammed Ajaib, Henric Swahn, George Sakkas, Jamie Armstrong, Ricky Ip, Kevin Breanach, Andy Dobson, Aaron Francis, Jigar Patel
  • Thanks to: All at Ferrari, especially Francesco for all his hard work; Outsource Media for their European Voice Production, Richard Jacques, for his aural sensations in the remixes of the classic tunes Splash Wave, Magical Sound Shower and Passing Breeze

Magazine articles

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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
2004-08-18 DVD-R[5] Page

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