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The AT-168 is a commonly found Sega Mega Drive clone console of currently unknown origin. AT-168s are usually sold under different labels, including the Generation II (by Argo) , Super Senga (sold in Argentina by Casa Mundo) and Turbo Bitman (sold in Russia by Bitman) but are thought to be functionally identical.

AT-168s emulate the design of the original launch Japanese Sega Mega Drive, though lack the rear DE-9 port for Sega Mega Modem compatibility. The system is, however, completely free of region locking and in some cases offers a 50Hz/60Hz switch for maximum compatibility with Mega Drive games. It is also fully compatible with the Sega Mega-CD, and likely the Sega 32X.

Perhaps predictably the build quality of the AT-168 is greatly reduced - paintwork in particular can rub off fairly quickly, and the plastic housing the unit is thought to be more brittle. With all AT-168s, the Sega logo is missing from the bottom right hand corner of the unit - some (such as the Super Senga) replaced this with a new logo, while others left it blank. Controllers vary depending on the package.

AT-168s are common in South America.


Physical scans

Mega Drive, AR (Generation II)
GenerationII MD Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive, (Super Senga)
SuperSenga Box.jpg
Mega Drive, (Super Senga; alt)
SuperSenga MD Box Front Alt.jpg
Turbo Bitman, RU
Turbo Bitman box.jpg
Turbo Bitman,alt, RU

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