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In the early 1990s, Sega were unable or unwilling to release the original Sega Mega Drive in multiple markets at once. Instead the release was staggered across the globe between 1988 and 1992/1993, which meant that for many, the only short-term option was to import Mega Drive systems from countries like Japan. This was costly, and so Taiwanese firms often made their own to capitalise on this shortage. By the time this skill had been mastered, however, much of the world was supplied with the console by official vendors, so most older Mega Drive clones were only sold in regions such as South America.



Sold by Kenga in Russia. Two variants exist.

Magazine articles

Main article: Mega-Ken/Magazine articles.

Pro 16 Bit

This one was distributed by Steepler and Dendy, who were responsible for the hugely successful Dendy Famiclone in Ex-USSR. Suffice to say the Pro 16 Bit did not match that success.Price before denomination was 223000 RUB. There is also another version sold in Poland by an unknown distributor

There is also a Songa II model.

VAD 10 RU Dendy.jpg

Print advert in Video-Ace Dendy (RU) #10 (1994-07-28)

VAK 2 RU Dendy.png

Print advert in Video-Ace Korona (RU) #2 (1994-xx-xx)

VAD 12 RU Dendy.jpg

Print advert in Video-Ace Dendy (RU) #12 (1994-10-28)

South America

Mega Drive (Argevision)

Argevision made knock-off video game consoles and accessories for Argentina. This is their stab at the Mega Drive.

Super Songa

One of several attempts to crack the Mega Drive clone market by Songa. Available in Argentina


Dr Super Star Drive

Mega Drive clone made in China by Shenzhen Jichang Elec. Co.

Genesis (unknown)

Found in Indonesia. A Japanese-style Mega Drive with "Genesis" labeled on top.

Mega 16 Plus

Mega Drive with a different label. The underside calls it a Dr. Super Star Drive, however it has a different to the console described above.

Mega Drive (Kinyo)

Bog standard Mega Drive clone by Kinyo. Found in South America.

Mega Drive (unknown)

A fairly boring Mega Drive clone which appears from time to time. Shipped with two odd-looking six button controllers and a multicart of some description, and the colours are off.

Mega Drive (unknown)

Mega Drive with 20 built in games. Found in Indonesia.


We have no clue about this one. This 2011 auction from seller dxghunterchen for 1,200 TWD has the title "SAGA 16 bit 電玩 主機 整套 含 ~ 1款卡匣 兩個把手 一個搖桿" and no product description — just the three photos below. It could be just a compilation showing an official Mega Drive with unofficial peripherals in an alternate Macro Drive box, but who knows for certain. The only identifiable peripheral is the HonyU Explorer-I one. The cart shown is Ma Jiang Qing Ren: Ji Ma Jiang Zhi.

SB-001/Niysa Assai P5

Made by "Family Game" in Taiwan and "Niysa IT Company" in Turkey. Standard Mega Drive clone with Mega CD support, but with no region encoding and a 50-60Hz switch. Despite the box art it is thought to have shipped with fairly standard three button controllers. PAL-B, PAL-D, PAL-I, PAL-N and NTSC variants supposedly exist. Includes built-in DOS-like operating system.


Mega Drive with a different label.

Super Creation

It has the Mega CD connector and and a secondary internal cartridge slot where a multicart pcb is plugged in. When there is no cartridge inserted into the main cartridge slot, it runs whatever cartridge is inserted into the internal cartridge slot. Uses a 5-pin DIN connector for the av-out, so it only outputs composite video (and rf). This one shipped with three button turbo controllers. Some models have been spotted lacking the internal cartridge slot.

Samba Super Game

Super Mega

Laser Flash


Gentry IQ-1600

Super Mission SM-2001

Super Sinca(?)

Game Drive

High Quality

Mega Drive 2000

Super Vega


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