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New 16 Bit
Manufacturer: Nasa
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Sega Mega Drive

The Nasa New 16 Bit is a Sega Mega Drive clone console distributed in South America by a company known as "Nasa". It was a reasonably popular alternative to importing an official console.

It was also sold in Slovenia from 1993 by Atlas.

Very little is known about the console, though it has a very peculiar shell half inspired by a Sega Mega Drive I and half inspired by an X'eye. It is assumed the system is incompatible with the Sega Mega-CD.

There is an 8-bit version which runs NES games called the "Nasa New 8 Bit". This version uses a very similar shell but has a different logo printed on the top of the unit.

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Print advert in Megazin (SI) #0104: "Letnik 1, Številka 4, December 1993" (1993-xx-xx)

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Mega Drive,
New16Bit MD Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive, alt,
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