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RetroN 3
Manufacturer: Hyperkin
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
$69.99 ?

The RetroN 3 is a clone console manufactured by Hyperkin, which first appeared on the market in 2009. Taking advantage of expired patents, it combines an NES, an Super NES, and a Sega Mega Drive console into a single unit. The Mega Drive section is based on the TCT-6801 console-on-a-chip. It followed the RetroN 1 (a NES clone) and the C2 gaming system (a NES/SNES clone). It retailed for $69.99 in North America, and was available in red and black variations.

Though the system comes bundled with two wireless controllers, it is notable for being the first clone system to allow all three types of console controller (NES, SNES and MD) to be inserted into the unit and used. However, there is a switch to select which console to play, and each type of controller maps to their specific console (so it isn't possible to play NES or SNES games with a Mega Drive controller). The system is also compatible with more games than previous attempts, such as the rival Yobo FC3 Plus. It has composite video and s-video outputs (although the NES section does not work with s-video) and a Overseas/Japan region switch for the Mega Drive section.

Hyperkin later released an updated version of the console called the RetroN 3 2.4GHz Edition. It included RF-based wireless controllers instead of the IR-based wireless controllers of the original console, and was available in red, black and blue variations. Some versions also included a 4-in-1 SNES multicart.

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Mega Drive, (red)
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Mega Drive, (black)
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