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MD Compact
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The MD Compact is an unlicensed Sega Mega Drive clone console. It is unknown who the manufacturer is. It is distributed in Japan by Columbus Circle and elsewhere by Retroad.

It has also been spotted as the Retro Game by Fei Hao (model number ZD-01-A) with different pack-in controllers and 14 built-in games.

It was also released in white under the name 16 Bit Compact MD by Columbus Circle.

The console resembles a miniaturized version of the Japanese Mega Drive 2. It is based on the TCT-6801 "console on a chip". It is compatible with Everdrive flash cartridges and high capacity multicarts, though Virtua Racing, Sega CD and the Sega 32X do not function at all.

It only outputs an NTSC video signal through composite video, and while a region switch allows users to select NTSC-U and NTSC-J releases, PAL region-locked games are not compatible. Despite having dual audio jacks on the rear, the console only outputs mono sound.

The console includes 2 wired 6-button controllers, standard composite av cables and an ac adapter, though the Retroad version typically includes a multicart.

Aesthetics aside, it is identical to the Minigen.

MD Compact (Columbus Circle)

MD Compact (Retroad)

Retro Game (Fei Hao)

16 Bit Compact MD (16ビットコンパクトMD)


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