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Fei Hao HD Retro Game
Manufacturer: Fei Hao
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Sega Mega Drive
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The HD Retro Game is an unlicensed Sega Mega Drive clone console made by Fei Hao. It was first released in 2017 and is based around the TCT-6803 "console on a chip".

The console is available in original Mega Drive and Mega Drive 2 form factors.

It is also available as the Retro Genesis HD Ultra by in Russia and includes 50 built-in games (27 in Russian, 23 in English). The expansion port cover must be opened and the white wire must be cut to access the built-in games.

The Retro Genesis variant has also been repackaged and sold by different companies.


The HD Retro Game was the first Mega Drive clone console to be spotted with HDMI support (alongside composite video) - while matched by the officially licensed Sega Mega Drive Flashback from AtGames later in the year, no official Mega Drive prior to this date could support HDMI without homebrew modifications, with the standard not even existing when the Mega Drive was in its prime. The HDMI output is 720p in widescreen only and is a conversion of the generated composite signal, as opposed to true RGB straight from the unit.

The HD Retro Game is infamous for being a more complete package than AtGames' attempts, despite lacking any official endorsement from Sega. While falling short of genuine Sega Mega Drive hardware, it is widely accepted to have superior audio to AtGames' machines, while offering similar 2.4GHz RF wireless control pads (in addition to accepting wired controllers). It is also compatible with Everdrive flash cartridges and high capacity multicarts, though Virtua Racing and the Sega 32X do not function at all.

However, despite having an HDMI output, dual audio jacks on the rear, and a headphone jack on the front (model 1 only), the console only outputs mono sound. It also only outputs an NTSC video signal, and while a region switch allows users to select NTSC-U and NTSC-J releases, PAL region-locked games are not compatible.

The system is largely compatible with the Power Base Converter, though often displays graphical artifacts and can struggle with specific titles (such as Chase H.Q.). The caveat, however, is that the "model 1" design of the console mounts its cartridge slot slightly lower, so the original Power Base Converter will not physically fit in the machine without removing the plastic casing.

Neither version of the HD Retro Game is compatible with the Sega Mega-CD. The model 1 design still has a detatchable cover to access the expansion port, but removing it reveals no connectors. The model 2's expansion port cover is completely sealed.

The Mega Drive's shadow and highlight graphical modes are not correctly replicated on the HD Retro Game, with some sprites subsequently appearing invisible.

Fei Hao HD Retro Game (model 1)

Fei Hao HD Retro Game (model 2)

Retro Genesis HD Ultra (50 built-in games)

Retroad HD Retro Game

Retroad Mega Drive Flashback

Retroad Mega Drive Flashback (50 built-in games)


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