Maniac Drive

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Similar to the Magistr Drive series, the Maniac Drive series is a selection of Sega Mega Drive clone consoles that originate from Russia and northern China. They are commonly found on Russian auction websites.

Maniac Drive 2

The first Maniac Drive was actually the second, or so the name has us believe. It is really a Mega Drive clone taking the shape of a Mega Drive 2, and is reasonably accurate. The lettering for "Maniac Drive" appears to have been based on that used within Mickey Mania, which may explain the "Maniac" name. Though the box art is bright and colourful, the system is not, and it seems to have been inspired by Majesco releases of the console (thus placing production after 1998).

Maniac Drive 3

The Maniac Drive 3 system taking the shell of a Genesis 3. It appears to be otherwise identical.

Maniac Drive 5

And finally, the Maniac Drive 5, which takes the shape of a Sony PlayStation.

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