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From the mid-to-late 90s the Mega Drive template of choice predictably became the cost-reduced Mega Drive 2. Similar to before clones of this system became popular in South America, although there was also a following in parts of Asia. The simplified design of the Mega Drive 2 makes it very easy to reproduce - the number of Mega Drive 2 clones worldwide far exceeds that of other Sega clones, and was even the basis for some Famiclones.



Giga Drive

Mega Drive 2 (Kenga)

Sold by Kenga.

Mega Drive 2 (Simba's)

Mega Drive clones built by Chinese-based Dong Guan De Wei Electronic Co., Ltd and distributed by Russian-based Simba's Video Games. These Mega Drive 2 clones are perhaps the least interesting of their produce, and despite being offered in three different box colours, each system is identical. Also offered is a "black box" variant with 25 built in games. All four packages are fairly common in Russia. Uses a TCT-6801 console-on-a-chip and outputs composite video with mono sound. The bottom of the console has a region switch and a 50/60Hz switch. Strangely, there are solder points on the board for a third switch and a hole cut out for it on the case, but it is not present. The expansion bay door can be removed, but there is no Mega CD connector.

Mega Drive 2 (Simba's)

Same as above, but instead of composite av-out and power jacks, it has an HDMI-out and mini-usb jacks. Although it outputs through HDMI, the image is only 480p. The box is exactly the same as the av version, just with a HDMI sticker slapped on.

Mega Drive 2 (ZW-162)

Credits Kin Wai (Hong Kong) Investment Limited, similarly to the Mega Drive One and Mega Drive III. This clone is common in Ukraine. There are two known box variants.

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

Another unnamed Russian clone.

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

...and another...

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

...and another...

Me Gadrive II

Mega Nan II

One of the more entertaining clones. Once again it's from Russia.

South America

Mega Drive 2 (16 Bits; The Alien System)

Relatively common Mega Drive 2 clone from South America.

Mega Drive 2 (Argevision)

Argevision's attempt at a Mega Drive 2. Not uncommon.

Mega Kowi 2

Super Drive 2

Clone manufactured in Argentina by Songa.


Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

Middle East

The following were sold in Arabic speaking regions, most likely in the Gulf states of the Middle East.

Medaa Drive 3 (Seaga)


Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

More Chinese-built Arab-sold Mega Drive 2s. Poor picture quality makes it difficult to deduce where they're from - could be StarGame, could be Gigatron. Other colours exist.

Mega Drive 2 (BII)

Persian Sega

Super Sega (سوپر سگا)



Game Drive 2 (Nicom)


These "hybrid" Mega Drive 2s borrowing elements from both the Japanese and North American releases of the console are relatively common in South America. They shipped in Genesis 2 boxes (based on the Canadian packaging), however the instruction manuals call the system "Mega Drive 2".


Print advert in Next Level (AR) #15: "Abril 2000" (2000-xx-xx)


Macro Drive

Originates from Taiwan.

MD Genesis 2 (Retroad)

Released in 2019. Uses the TCT-6801 console-on-a-chip. Has NTSC/PAL/Overseas/Japan switches and contains 170 built-in games. Composite av output with stereo audio (the sound channels are reversed).

Medaa Drive II (Sedaa)

Medaa Drive II (Sedaav)

Medda Drive II (Sedda)

Mega 2 (unknown)

Mega Drive 2 (Kontorland)

Asian born clone found in South America. Shipped with PlayStation-style controllers.

Mega Drive 2 (MG Electronics Industry Co., Ltd)

Chinese-born Mega Drive 2 clone with slight colour differences. The board is dated 19th October 2001.

Mega Drive 2 (Neon)

Neon also made Mega Drive controllers. The box is similar to a North American Genesis model 2.

Mega Drive 2 (Sego)

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

Perhaps this is the mother of all Mega Drive 2 clones. They are very faithful copies of the original consoles sold in Asia. Unfortunately, due to the little information gathered about the original consoles, it's very easy to confuse the original with the clone. Some things that are different in clones are

  • incorrect serial numbers
  • the option of bypassing the regional blockade
  • box sizes

However, this does not give one hundred percent certainty.

Clone Original

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

Similar to the above. Copied European packaging showing a Japanese-style system, however here all Sega branding is removed. Common in Russia.

Mega Drive 2 (Unknown)

This one is from South America and it's very telling of the state of the unlicensed game market in the region - this one is labeled "NEW 2009" so there must still be a demand for these things.

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

These Mega Drive 2s from Chinese based, Dubai owned Gigatron were produced with minimal changes and distributed in the Middle East in the mid-2000s the present day. Each one comes with a "132-in-1" multicart (later raised to 368) (which of course has far fewer than the advertised number of games). The 368 version only has 5 unique games, with 363 repeats. They output mono sound, are PAL 50Hz (but can be easily modified to NTSC 60Hz), has inaccurate sound (like Atgames clones), doesn't work with Everdrive, and doesn't work with high capacity multicarts.

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

Similar to the above, but only includes 9 built-in games (with no repeats) and a Micro SD card slot for playing ROM files. Outputs mono sound, is PAL 50Hz (but can be easily modified to NTSC 60Hz), has inaccurate sound (like Atgames clones), doesn't work with Everdrive, and doesn't work with high capacity multicarts.

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

North Amercan-style packaging, but same knock-off Japanese console you'll find elsewhere. Some adopt the North American colour scheme however.

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

North Amercan-style packaging, but same knock-off Japanese console you'll find elsewhere. Some adopt the North American colour scheme however.

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

Here an 368-in-1 multicart gets a mention on the system itself.

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

A close copy of the "green" Asian model, but with a number of subtle differences.

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

Mega Drive 2, ??
MD2 Box Back Asia Green.jpgNospine-small.pngMD2 Box Front Asia Green.jpg

MEGA+Plus2 (Neon)


Spotted in South America although likely originates from Taiwan or China.

Star Drive 2

A clone from Asia. Three variants exist - whether they were produced by the same company has not been determined.

Video System 3 (Nicom)

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)



Mega Drive X

Mega Drive XI

Mega Game

Speed Drive 2

Super Creation 2 (Club Video Game)

Super Drive 2 (Gamars)

Superga/Super Sega

Super Games (GA-349)

Super Mega Driver

Zet Drive 2

Golden Drive 2


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