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Dual Action
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
$59.99 ?

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The Dual Action is a video game console that combines the features of a Sega Mega Drive with a Nintendo Entertainment System. It plays North American Genesis games and has a switch enabling Japanese Mega Drive titles to be played. It's aesthetics resemble the Genesis 3. It ships with two six-button controllers and A/V cables for a recommended price of $59.99.

The compatibility of the Gen-X Dual Station is fairly good (more than the GN Twin), and is compatible with the Master System Converter II. There also appears to be another revision called the "Gen-X Hybrid Twin Console" produced by Retro-bit. This revision lacks the "Gen-X" label on the front, but otherwise looks identical; no shots of the actual console from this revision are known to exist. This revision also is not compatible with any other controller aside from the ones packaged with it, due to the shape of the controller port.

There are many variants distributed by different companies. Some versions have a 72-pin Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge slot, and some versions have a 60-pin Famicom cartridge slot.

Photo gallery

Physical scans

Mega Drive, US (Gen-X Dual Station)

Mega Drive, World (Gen-X Hybrid Twin Console)
GenX Box Top Alt.jpg
GenX Box Back Alt.jpgGenX Box Left Alt.jpgGenX Box Front Alt.jpgGenX Box Right Alt.jpg
Mega Drive, (Hamy C-8)
HAMY C-8.jpg
Mega Drive, US (SG/FC Dual Action)
Hyperkin SG-FC Dual Action.jpg
Mega Drive, (MDFC)
MDFC MD Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive,
DualAction MD Box Front Blue.jpg
Mega Drive,
DualAction MD Box Front Pink.jpg
Mega Drive, RU (VG-1644)
Hamy Dendy VG-1644.jpgHamy Dendy VG-1644 Alt.jpg
Mega Drive, RU (Hamy 2)
Hamy Dendy 2 Box Back.jpgHamy Dendy 2 Box Front.jpg


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