Mega Drive 4 (clone console)

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Mega Drive 4 (clone console)
Manufacturer: Simba's Video Games
Built-in games: 9
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
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The Sega Mega Drive 4 is a Sega Mega Drive console clone manufactured by Simba. Despite clearly saying "SEGA" on the underside of the console, the machine is, in fact, not endorsed by Sega in the slightest. It is also strikingly similar to a PAL Sega Mega Drive II, aside from the red dust cover shared by the Japanese version

The console ships with two six button controllers, which too can be identified as fakes due to the "16 BIT" lettering on the front.


Physical scans

Mega Drive,
MegaDrive4 MD Box Front.jpg


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