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Manufacturer: King-Wei Electronics
Distributor: Bitman, Electrolab, Songa, Steepler
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
(Pro 16 Bit)
Sega Mega Drive
(Super Bitman)
Sega Mega Drive

The KW-503 is an unlicensed Sega Mega Drive console manufactured in Taiwan by King-Wei Electronics and released in South America and Russia. It was the successor to the KW-502 but it is more similar to the KW-501, and some consoles in this series have the even KW-500 label.

It was also released as the MG-16R and MGW-16 by Electrolab, Pro 16 Bit by Steepler, Super Bitman by Bitman, Songa II by Songa, GC-16II and Magic 2. The KW-503 was shipped with wireless six-button gamepads, and is fully compatible with the Sega Mega-CD. Newer models use a PCB revision named KW-504.



MG-16R and MGW-16 were distributed here as successor to the MG-16 by Electrolab.

At the end of 1996, Songa began distribution of Songa II as a successor of Songa I, with advertise as a winner of few awards in video games shows in Germany, Japan, US and Hong Kong.


Pro 16 bit hit Russian market in 1996 succeeding a previous Pro 16 Bit by Steepler, famous from release of Dendy brand. New console was less popular than his predecessor because Steepler went bankrupt in mid-1996 and rest of sales was taken by Dendy chain stores which wasn't getting so well after Steepler's disappearing.

KW-503 was distributed in Russia also by Bitman, succeeding a previous Super Bitman. It was released around 1996/1997 after clearance sales of older Super Bitman at the end of 1996. It is worth to mention that Bitman was a the time licensed Sega distributor in Russia and CIS. After Bitman was acquired by R-Style, KW-503 was sold until last stocks were gone.

Magazine articles

Main article: KW-503/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

Print advert in Action Games (AR) #55: "Diciembre Enero 1996 1997" (1996-xx-xx)
Print advert in Action Games (AR) #57: "Marzo 1997" (1997-xx-xx)


Physical scans

Mega Drive, (Songa II)

Mega Drive, (MG-16R)
MG16R MD Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive, RU (Pro 16 Bit)
Pro16Bit MD RU Box Front Alt.jpg
Mega Drive, RU (Super Bitman)
SuperBitman MD Box Back Alt.jpgNospine-small.pngSuperBitman MD Box Front Alt.jpg
Mega Drive, AR (MGW-16)
MGW-16 MD Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive, (GC-16II)

Mega Drive, (Magic 2)


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